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Ceremony for launching nuclear-powered icebreaker Yakutia and flag-raising ceremony on nuclear-powered icebreaker Ural

The new nuclear-powered vessels were built at the Baltic Shipyard in St Petersburg to the order of the Rosatom State Corporation. They are part of Project 22220, under which the largest and most powerful icebreakers in the world are being built. Their main task is to ensure year-round navigation in the Arctic.

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, colleagues, good afternoon,

Today we have two interesting events important for Russian shipbuilding and our icebreaker fleet and actually for the entire country. It is the accomplishment of two very important, complex tasks, not just two complex tasks but two within one large project. The Russian state flag will be raised on the new universal nuclear-powered icebreaker Ural. Another powerful, contemporary nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Yakutia, is ready for launch at the Baltic Shipyard in St Petersburg. I heartily congratulate all of you on this event.

I want to sincerely thank our shipbuilders, nuclear engineers, designers, workers, engineers and all experts who are taking part in the creation of these technology-intensive, unique - without any exaggeration - vessels, for their extensive work, professionalism, and readiness to develop and reach the most ambitious goals.

Both icebreakers were built as part of a serial project and are included in our large-scale, system-wide work on reequipping and expanding the Russian icebreaker fleet, and on strengthening Russia's status as a great Arctic power.

I want to note that the first two icebreakers of this series, the Arktika and the Sibir, are already serving in the hardest parts and on complex routes where they have proved their reliability and efficiency, and their top characteristics.

According to the plans, the Ural icebreaker will start performing tasks as early as this December, and the Yakutia icebreaker must be transferred to the fleet at the end of 2024. The commissioning of another icebreaker of the same series - the Chukotka - is scheduled for 2026. In addition, the construction of the Rossiya super-powerful nuclear icebreaker should be completed in 2027 at the Zvezda Shipyard in the Far East: this is truly a super-powerful icebreaker, one of a kind in the world.

Let me stress that the deadlines and the pace of work must be strictly adhered to. I am sure that it will be so. I count on the coordination of all specialists, subcontractors, enterprises and research teams here.

Vessels of such a high ice class are of strategic importance to us. They are needed to study and explore the Arctic, ensure safe and sustainable navigation in this region, and increase traffic along the Northern Sea Route.

Let me repeat again: the development of this most important transport corridor will help Russia more fully unlock its export potential and establish efficient logistics routes, including to Southeast Asia. By the way, we are open to cooperation with our partners, with those who want to work with Russia.

I am confident that we will implement all the plans despite the current difficulties. In order to do so, we will increase the capabilities of our nuclear icebreaker fleet, and, what is essential, we must do this using Russian solutions and production capacities, as well as domestic equipment and components. This is how it actually happens.

I would like to wish great achievements to all of you, friends and colleagues, and further success in their work to the staff of the Baltic Shipyard, as well as fruitful service for the benefit of Russia to the crews of the new nuclear-powered ships.

Congratulations once again.

Please, let us proceed with the planned activities.

Mr Manturov, please.

Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Industry and trade Denis Manturov Manturov DenisDeputy Prime Minister - Industry and Trade Minister: Mr President, colleagues,

Today we are celebrating two major events for Russian shipbuilders. I would like to congratulate them, especially the personnel at the Baltic Shipyard. This is a substantial contribution to increasing our icebreaker fleet and strengthening the status of Russia as the only power with so many icebreakers.

The start of the Ural icebreaker's year-round operation on the Northern Sea Route today and the launch of the icebreaker Yakutia, which is to be completed and will be commissioned in 2024, are evidence of the continuing build-up of the competencies we need to ensure the construction of our leading vessel, the 120 MW icebreaker Rossiya, which is being built at Zvezda Shipyard in the Primorye Territory.

Although our icebreaker fleet and vessels under construction are noted for an extremely high level of technological sovereignty, we have attracted the largest possible number of contractors and enterprises that produce shipboard equipment, as well as other shipyards under United Shipbuilding Corporation, to ensure the smooth and timely attainment of the tasks set to us by the President of Russia.

The construction of our icebreaker fleet and the addition of the fifth and sixth icebreakers in the group of 60 MW vessels was your decision, which we are implementing with your support. We will accomplish this without fail. This year, Rosatom will sign a contract with the Baltic Shipyard and a large group of related companies, which will ensure the uninterrupted construction of icebreakers.

Apart from the 60 MW nuclear-powered vessels and the 120 MW icebreaker, which is under construction, we are working with our potential clients - NOVATEK, Nornickel and Rosneft - to build diesel icebreakers, so that nuclear-powered vessels can be used for year-round navigation on the Northern Sea Route, while diesel icebreakers will be used in the Gulf of Ob.

To be continued.

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