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07/31/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/31/2021 21:21

Urgent Action Still Needed: No New Illegal Coercive Measures against Nicaragua

Sample of message to the Representatives/Senators:

Dear Representative/Senator:

Please vote no on the sanctions bill against Nicaragua entitled RENACER, Reinforcing Nicaragua's Adherence to Conditions for Electoral Reform.

(1) Nicaragua does not pose any threat to the United States. It is a small nation of 6.3 million, in the bottom ten countries in armaments.

(2) This bill would harm the people, especially the most vulnerable, by blocking development aid from international financial institutions.

(3) The bill also appears to pressure the country to choose new leadership favored by the US, but I believe the Nicaraguan people should select their own leaders.

(4) In contrast to other Central American countries, Nicaragua is functioning very well - for example, very few migrants are coming to the US, the poverty rate has been cut in half, and the WB, IMF, IDB and CABEI all report Nicaragua does a great job managing development aid, has high transparency and is efficient.

(5) Nicaragua has one of the lowest covid-19 mortality rates in the world and universal health care, has built 20 modern hospitals in the last few years and is on target to have one of the top Health Care systems in the Americas within five years.