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08/17/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/17/2022 04:07

Building better opportunities for young people in agriculture demands 'mutual listening '

Since 2017, Rikolto has been supporting the Union Départementale des Producteurs de Sésame de Niangoloko (UDPS-N) in the Niangoloko area to improve the quality and volume of sesame and to establish sustainable business relationships between farmers and exporters.

By 2021, from zero (0) contracts, 100% of the sesame is now being sold through a contract group. For farmers, group sales allow them to avoid price dumping and fixed prices.

At the policy level, Rikolto together with the Interprofession Sésame du Burkina Faso (INTERSEB), supported an advocacy strategy which allowed the adoption of export specifications, such as the setting of a fixed price, and finally the tax of 10 CFAF/Kg of exported sesame to fund the development of the sector.

The direct participants reached through our 2027- 2021 programme are 2,500 of which 750 are young people. The income of sesame farmers from the sale of quality products through the cooperatives has increased by 60% between 2017 and 2021.