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10/11/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/11/2022 00:24

HANSATON introduces new ITE stars to its STRATOS platform

Custom solutions - smart, discreet and personalized

October 11, 2022 - Based on the stellar STRATOS platform, hearing system manufacturer, HANSATON, extends its portfolio with a powerful offering of 3 smart and discreet newITE solutions. Merging sound performance and individual discreetness, this latest addition expands the STRATOS platform to broader dimensions.

Hearing excellence which is barely visible

The latest HANSATON ITE hearing systems are tiny, discreet and custom-made. Delivering outstanding sound performance, these solutions are designed to remain discreet, are easy to handle and cater to a diverse range of clientele.

The first of the ITE stars is the black edition of the stylish jazz ST 312 Dir W. Artfully resembling trendy wireless earbuds, jazz ST 312 Dir W offers all the functionality and comfort of custom-made hearing aids. Its Bluetooth® capabilities offers direct connectivity to all* phones, along with a host of optional accessories, including the stream remote App, Remote Control, PartnerMic, TV Connector, and Roger microphones. Furthermore, thanks to the abilities of STRATOS, it delivers a sound experience that clients will simply love.

HANSATON jazz ST 10 and jazz ST 312 make up this trio of custom gems. The jazz ST 10 is HANSATON'S smallest ITE solution and is powered by a traditional 10 battery. It's tiny custom size offers an optional push button and IIC Remote control. For a longer battery life, the jazz ST 312, powered by a traditional 312 battery, can be adjusted by a volume control or multi-function push button. All ITE solutions cater to clients needs in a personalized shape and deliver hearing excellence which is barely visible.

Solutions for a broad range of hearing needs based on STRATOS technology.

The full STRATOS portfolio offers beautifully designed hearing aids for a broad range of hearing needs. STRATOS hearing systems embody HearIntelligence signal processing and utilize Intelligent AutoSurround, for more rapid and exact signal processing as a client's listening environment changes over the course of a day. In more challenging listening situations, Dynamic SpeechBeam engages to focus on speech while filtering out distracting noise. Additionally, Intelligent NoiseReduction helps to highlight speech from the front by canceling intense background noise from beside and behind.

Great performance and style are evident throughout this latest update to the STRATOS portfolio. STRATOS hearing aids truly provide hearing professionals and wearers with an exciting option to elevate and explore new hearing dimensions.

Decisions made even easier

The updated Lifestyle Analyzer is an exceptional tool, especially for new clients, to help make fact-based decisions on the most appropriate performance level for each client. With myChoice trial devices or standard hearing aids, hearing professionals can easily review their clients personal lifestyle after just 1-3 weeks of wearing them and make a personalized, fact-based recommendation about which performance level is best for their hearing needs.

In addition to showing the amount of time spent in each type of listening environment, the updated Lifestyle Analyzer now includes new Speech Locator information, which provides even more personalized spatial data to help hearing professionals select the performance level that matches their clients' listening lifestyle.

Innovative by tradition:

Since the inception of HANSATON in Hamburg, Germany, we have been striving to provide exceptional, cutting-edge products with impeccable design to our exclusive partners and their clients. We have a driving passion to help people hear better. We deliver on that passion with esthetically pleasing designs so people can be proud to use our hearing systems.

We invite you to join us… together we can provide premium designs and innovative technology for exceptional hearing.


HANSATON, a hearing system manufacturing company, was founded in 1957 in Hamburg and has been part of the Sonova Group since 2015. Throughout the hearing system industry, HANSATON stands for innovative technology and award-winning product design. Together with hearing system professionals and partners, HANSATON develops custom-tailored solutions to help people enjoy optimal hearing experiences. HANSATON hearing systems are available worldwide.