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01/20/2023 | Press release | Archived content

Orphans in Belo Laut Village Receive Tali Asih

Orphans in Belo Laut Village Receive Tali Asih from PT Timah Tbk

  • 20 January 2023


WEST BANGKA -- The faces of several orphans and orphans in Belo Laut Village looked happy when they received compensation from PT Timah Tbk at the Belo Laut Village Office, Friday (20/1/2023).

This compassion is PT Timah Tbk's concern for the community in the company's operational areas. This assistance was handed over by CSR PT Timah Tbk which the Hamlet Head and Belo Laut Village Government also attended.

The beneficiary of assistance Fatih Al Farizi (6), a resident of Dusun III Belo Laut, said he was happy to receive assistance from PT Timah Tbk which would be used to meet their needs.

"Glad to get help, later to give it to mother," replied Fatih, a student at SD 9 Belo Laut.

In the same vein, Salminah (9), a Dusun VII Belo Laut resident, said that PT Timah's assistance would be saved first.

"Thank you PT Timah, very happy, later the assistance will be saved first," he said

Meanwhile, Fistin Ayu, Fatih Al Farizi's parents, said that PT Timah often provides compensation for their children.

"Apart from today, during Ramadan, our children are also given compensation from PT Timah. Thank you, PT Timah. We hope that we can continue to support orphans," he hoped.

Kadus VII Belo Laut Marzeni said PT Timah cares about its citizens, not only for orphans but for the elderly and economically disadvantaged residents.

"PT Timah cares for orphans, not only for orphans but also for the elderly and less fortunate people who have also received assistance," said Marzeni

Meanwhile, the Head of Belo Laut Village praised PT Timah Tbk's commitment to helping Belo Laut residents.

"Until now, we appreciate PT Timah's commitment to the residents of Belo Laut. Concern for the residents and development in Belo, PT Timah often helps. Hopefully, this will continue, PT Timah will always exist and continue to progress," he said.