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11/17/2023 | Press release | Archived content

The sessions of WETEX and DSS 2023 highlight green hydrogen and ways to net-zero future

The specialised sessions organised on the Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Show (DSS) 2023 focused on the latest technologies of renewable and clean energy, especially green hydrogen, ways to ensure net-zero future.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) organised WETEX and DSS from 15-17 November 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

In Empowering Sustainable Energy Solutions: ACWA Power's Vision for a Net-Zero Future session, Dr. Hashim Ghabashi, Executive Managing Director ACWA Power Dr. Hashim Ghabashi, Executive Managing Director ACWA Power, highlighted the company's pioneering role in the field of solar energy in Saudi Arabia. They are actively working on producing 1.2 million tonnes of ammonia to support the green hydrogen project. Dr. Hashem Ghobashi emphasised ACWA Power's vision for the future, which is focused on achieving sustainable energy solutions and striving for a zero-emission future.

In First HV DC links in KSA OHL networks, conductor design, DC loss studies, manufacturing and testing session, Sheikh Abdulla, Technical Director of Riyadh Cables Group said: "Currently, high-voltage electricity transmission projects in Saudi Arabia utilise direct current. This approach enables the connection of different operating areas of electricity companies over distances of thousands of kilometres. The choice of high-voltage direct current is driven by the evident improvements in this system and its lower power loss, resulting in significantly reduced carbon emissions, particularly when transmitting power over long distances."

In Sustainability Cities: The Impact of Innovation & Technology on the future of real estate industry, Francis Arul, the Chief Information Officer at DAMAC, discussed the revolutionary building techniques underpinning DAMAC's upcoming DAMAC Lagoon's first phase, slated for release in Q1 2024. He introduced the DAMAC Living app, a home automation solution designed to provide unprecedented control over household functions, thereby promoting energy efficiency.

Faisal Ameer Malik, Chief Technical Officer of Huawei, underscored the role of technology as a catalyst for business success within the real estate sector. He elaborated on Huawei's contributions, particularly the Net Zero community, which is designed to meet the industry's sustainability. Mohammad Saeed Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Data Hub Integrated Solutions, illuminated the session with his insights into how innovation and technology have spurred the creation of Moro Hub. This entity stands at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by offering digital products and services that harness cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), marking a significant leap in the real estate industry's journey toward sustainability and technological integration.

Dr. Waleed Alnuaimi, CEO of Etihad Energy Services, elaborated on the company's strategic initiatives aimed at transforming the energy performance contracting market in Dubai. He highlighted their commitment to sustainability through the development of energy efficiency projects.

In Green Startup Acceleration: Driving Impactful Change in the Sustainability Landscape, Yousuf Caires, Executive Director, Expo Live Innovation, Expo City Dubai, Ashwin Joshi, Director, startAD - NYU Abu Dhabi and Abdelrahman Fahmy, Managing Director ECO Hubs, Youthinkgreen Egypt discussed the role of green startups in the business environment during an open session for audience questions. They emphasised the importance of focusing on value rather than just the product, negotiating with investors, and understanding their language to ensure successful green projects. They also stressed the significance of green education, as the younger generation is actively seeking green jobs.

"The UAE and the surrounding area are experiencing ongoing development in sustainable business projects, with a particular focus on renewable energy, environmentally friendly technology, responsible practices, and the revolutionary green hydrogen projects. Companies in the region are also aligning with global sustainability goals, further promoting this shift towards sustainable development and creating opportunities for continued success," said Abdelrahman Fahmy.

In The Power of Smart Water seminar, Badger Meter, a North American company, showcased its smart water solutions tailored for large utilities and networks. The company's offerings span measurement and control with innovative technologies like flow meters and sensors, connectivity and communication tools including Network as a Service (NaaS).

Unlocking advantages through circular water and energy resources - exploring AIoT applications in water management session, Kai-Ting Chang (Kelly), Marketing Director, FENRI Co - Taiwan Excellence Pavilion focused on tackling water sustainability challenges through Water Diversification, Water Resources Risk, and Wastewater Treatment. The key message highlighted the role of digital transformation, with Fenri specialising in AIoT solutions for process automation, water quality evaluation, and management planning. Overall, Fenri stressed its vision which aims to offer total automation services to all its clients to help achieve SDG6 to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation.

In Hydrogen Revolution Unleashed: Unlocking MENA's Low Carbon Potential and Igniting the Power of Change! Session, Claude Mourey, Director, Hydrogen and New Energies - EMEA, Wood Mackenzie, spearheaded the discussion as the Moderator, provided a look at the future of hydrogen and spoke about the unlocking of low-carbon potential and paving the way to a green future.

Examining the various stages of hydrogen, Nahla Abid, Vice President Sales and Strategy Middle East and Caspian Sea Region, Bureau Veritas, provided an overview of the region's low-carbon hydrogen journey, from production to utilisation and beyond.

Given the challenges associated with adopting low-carbon hydrogen in the energy sector, Christophe Comte, Senior Vice President Business Development - Hydrogen, ENGIE Middle East, shed light on strategies to overcome these obstacles.

On the other hand, Amit Deshpande, Managing Director, Cummins Arabia, discussed the acceleration of the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen in the Middle East through innovative solutions and best practices. Concluding the discussion, Robin Mills, CEO, Qamar Energy, presented his vision regarding the main trends in the field of low-carbon hydrogen in the Middle East and beyond. Lastly, Hammad Masood, Director Business Development - Green Hydrogen, ACWA Power, explored successful low-carbon hydrogen projects in the region and their pivotal impact on the transition.

In Clean Innovation & Entering Africa: New Technologies that improve environmental performance session, focused on the importance of data analysis in problem-solving, focusing on regenerative agriculture for enhanced food security due to erratic weather conditions, and the significant role of technologies like Blockchain and AI in agricultural production. The discussion extended to the energy sector, highlighting the prominence of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen. The session underscored the interconnectedness of economic, climate, and technological challenges, stressing the need for holistic solutions. Ultimately, the goal is to identify revolutionary ideas for creating a sustainable ecosystem to combat climate change through the use of renewable energy technologies.