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05/07/2021 | Press release | Archived content

AJLI CEO Patsy Doerr Featured on Diversity Global Magazine

New York, May 7, 2021- Patsy Doerr, the CEO of The Association of Junior Leagues International, was this month's featured guest for Diversity Global'sDiversity Impact Series. The webinar, Leadership Bench Strength: Strategies for Building APipeline of Women and Diverse Leaders, was an engaging discussion on the history of diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations and corporations, what's changed over time, and how important it is for leaders to be skilled, knowledgeable and held accountable for their behavior.

In the interview with Paul Lachhu, editor of Diversity Global, Ms. Doerr highlightedthe challenges of building a pipeline of women and diverse leaders.

'We can put in place a whole host of diverse individuals but if the culture doesn't support it, it doesn't work.' She also discussed how important it was that the value system of the entire organization needed to be clear on the focus around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Ms. Doerr stressed that DEI must be part of the business strategyof organization, not just an initiative driven from the top.

'When diversity, equity and inclusion is lead and seen as a separate exercise, it doesn't work it, needs to be integrated into everythingwe do.' Ms. Doerr went on to say, 'If you are an effective leader,you are able to lead and develop a diverseand inclusive team, it'sjust part of being a leader, it'snot a separate thing.'