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06/18/2024 | Press release | Archived content

IUP Secures $1 Million for Enhanced Collaboration with Japanese University

AnnaPearl Diamond

Based on attendance and participation in the virtual program, four IUP students were selected to be eligible to participate in the in-person program at the University of Miyazaki July 8 to July 18.

IUP senior AnnaPearl Diamond, Marion Center, a communications media production and Asian studies major, will be the first IUP student to participate in the in-person experience at the University of Miyazaki.

All expenses, including travel and lodging, are covered by the grant.

Daughter of Tammy and Christopher Diamond, she is a member of Delta Alpha Pi international honor society, the Asian Studies Club, the Chinese Language Culture Club, the Indian Student Association, and works with WIUP-TV. She is completing a summer internship with the IUP Communications Media Department's Swoop Production team. She is also a peer advisor for the IUP Office of International Education.

"I studied in Japan during the spring 2023 semester at the Nagoya University of Foreign Studies through IUP, and it was just amazing, and I am really looking forward to returning to Japan through this program," Diamond said. "I took an intercultural competence class there and learned so much and was excited to bring what I learned back to IUP and to our Asian cultural clubs," she said.

Because of her experience with her study in Japan, Diamond was asked to work as a tutor for the Japanese students completing the online class offered by the IUP ALI during the spring semester.

"I've definitely learned a great deal through the language instruction offered by the University of Miyazaki, and in my role as a tutor, I've gained a lot of knowledge about how complex it is to learn a second language-it's taught me to be more patient and to recognize the complexities of the language barrier," she said.

"I'm really looking forward to the in-person experience in Japan and at the University of Miyazaki," she said. "Meeting more Japanese natives and excursions to better understand Japanese culture will definitely enhance my language skills. I'm very grateful for this opportunity," she said.

Diamond, who will graduate from IUP in December, hopes to have a career in film or photography, including in an Asian country to put her Japanese language and experiences into practice.