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How to save on heating

Controlling indoor heating is a key factor in creating domestic comfort. The consumption linked to heating systems is also a variable that can have a significant effect on the balance between energy consumption and family finances, especially in the colder months of the year when costs inevitably increase.
Aiming for maximum energy efficiency in your home therefore helps to keep energy waste and utility bills down. But how do you save on heating? Here are some smart ideas to put into practice.

H2: Maintaining and cleaning heating systems

The first step towards having excellent control over consumption is to keep your heating systems in excellent condition, scheduling periodic maintenance before systems are switched on in autumn. Systems in poor condition can actually cause energy to be lost, when simple seasonal checks, like cleaning the boiler, smoke tests and washing the systems, can make the difference.

Whichever heating device you have chosen, it is always advisable to make energy-efficient building choices, for example by fitting devices on windows and doors to prevent heat loss, checking for and resolving the presence of draughts, and insulating domestic walls both externally, with an exterior insulation finishing system, and internally, applying efficient cavity wall insulation to contain heat.

All upgrading work allows you to benefit from the tax deductions offered by the Italian government.

H2: Maintaining and correcting the position of radiators
Those who have radiators should be careful not to hide them behind heavy curtains, sofas or other furnishings. The wall on which they are installed should also be sufficiently insulated towards the outside. Taking good care of radiators also requires bleeding them before they are operated and installing the most modern thermostatic valves, which allow you to personalise the temperatures of the individual heat sources.

H2: Ideal indoor temperature

The ideal indoor temperature should be around 20°C and it is good to avoid excessive heat because it can be harmful to your health and also increases your energy bills.

It is also advisable to have different temperatures in each room of the house, based on how much they are used during the day, lowering the temperatures to 16-17°C during the night. This is easy to do using thermostats and chronothermostats with autonomous heating systems, while with central heating systems, generally with radiators, with advanced programmable electronic heads.

H2: Radiant floor systems: savings and sustainability

The tips we've shared so far can lead to a reduction in consumption in the short term, but if you want to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption, it is important to consider making substantial changes to your systems so as to keep up with the most up-to-date energy upgrading systems.

How can you save on heating with the help of innovations in the energy efficiency field? An excellent investment could be replacing your air-conditioning systems with more modern solutions like radiant floor systems that, after the initial investment and installation, will pay for themselves in a short space of time, partly thanks to the possibility of enjoying specific tax deductions.

H2: Giacomini radiant air-conditioning systems

The Giacomini Radiant Systems range is specifically designed for those who wish to install air-conditioning systems that optimise energy efficiency.

Emitting uniform heat for radiation upwards, floor heating systems are effective and comfortable.

For those who have the opportunity to restructure or upgrade their home, a valid alternative is to incorporate state-of-the-art thermostatic heads on their existing radiators.

With radiant systems, on the other hand, with the help of the collector kits, components and dynamic balancing systems offered by Giacomini, tailored work can be carried out quickly to bring about balanced and sustainable consumption in a short space of time, both in terms of costs and energy consumption.

H2: Giacomini temperature control units

Finally, another tip on how to save on heating systems is to fit your home with a control unit, such as those in the Giacomini KLIMAbus or KLIMAdomotic ranges, which allow you to automatically control the indoor climate based on the indoor and outdoor temperatures detected.