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Better By Bike - Rider Spotlight - Colin Santulli

Rider Spotlight

How long have you been bicycling and how did you get started?

I started when I was in high school as a way to get to and from school and around town without having to rely on my older brother for rides. We grew up in the country so things were spread out and transit was nonexistent.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get started going by bike?

Start small. You'll be surprised how many times you get in your car to go ~1-2 miles to run an errand. Most of the time things you are picking up/dropping off can go in a backpack or basket on the front of a bike.

How do protected bike lanes support your commute?

They would if I had them on my commute! Biking from Ocean Beach to Downtown we don't have many options for routes that include protected lanes.

Where are your favorite places to bike to in San Diego?

I love riding around our neighborhood with my kids on the back of the bike, to the beach or just around town. If I'm on my own, I enjoy riding out to Cabrillo National Monument and back to Ocean Beach.

What makes San Diego a great place to bike?

Clearly the weather is our best asset, but we also have a great cyclists in town. Biking isn't as popular in some of the cities as it is in San Diego. So, despite being the 8th biggest city in the country, we still have what I think of as a niche bike scene here. That leads to a feeling of comradery that you don't get in cities with a more active biking community. Practically this means friendly waves or the offer to assist with a flat from other riders.

What's the one thing you think people should know about biking?

It's not as hard as one might think! Most areas of San Diego have routes that avoid big hills. And if not, you can get a great used electric bike for a couple hundred bucks. No small amount, but if you start replacing car trips you'll save on gas, maintenance, etc. from your vehicle.

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