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Yelp’s Best New Restaurants of 2023

Who doesn't love snagging a rezzie at a trendy, recently opened restaurant? Yelp's inaugural list of the year's Best New Restaurantsmakes it easy to find the latest hot spots at home or on the road!

You can always count on Yelpers to sniff out the hottest newcomers on the American dining scene. And to kick off "Year on Yelp," our community rated and reviewed 25 must-try newbies-from a Michelin-starred gastronomic experience in Los Angeles to a steak-and-sushi spot in Oklahoma City and a Korean BBQ joint in Charleston.

To celebrate the rising stars of the culinary world-and a 15% growth in new business openings each month this year (compared to 2022)-we've compiled a list of the Best New Restaurants of 2023. It's a mouthwatering trip around America that highlights some of your favorite places and their most popular dishes. Follow the Best New Restaurants 2023 collection on the Yelp app.

Here are some of the trends we've spotted:

Michelin and more.Our star-studded list features plenty of Michelin- or James Beard-recognized restaurants and chefs! To name just a few: Los Angeles-based Manzke (#3) snagged a Michelin star (in addition to earning the Michelin California Cocktail Award a few months after opening); Rania (#5) in Washington, D.C., also landed a coveted Michelin star. Chef-owner Oscar Amador of Anima by EDO (#1) in Las Vegas was a James Beard finalist for Best Chef: Southwest, while Milwaukee's Lupi & Iris (#15) received the Best New Restaurant award. Chef Timon Balloo of Fort Lauderdale's The Katherine (#13) made it to the semifinals for Best Chef: South.

The Florida factor.Five of the 25 restaurants on our list are located in the Sunshine State. They include Lion & The Rambler (#7) in Coral Gables and The Katherine (#13) in Fort Lauderdale, along with charming Osteria (#6) in Miami, Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli's beloved Eating House (#10) in Coral Gables, and the wonderfully creative and unrestrained Walrus Rodeo (#11) in Miami.

Farm-to-table 2.0. Restaurants on both coasts are redefining fresh ingredients. At Pomet (#2) in Oakland, California, more than half the menu features fresh-picked fruit from owner Aomboon Deasy's K&J Orchards. The tasting menu at Manzke (#3) is dictated by the produce that Chef Walter Manzke buys at the famous Santa Monica Farmers Market twice weekly. And the menu at Lion & The Rambler changes daily based on the best produce chef-owner Michael Bolen "can get [his] hands on." He also grinds his own wheat and makes his own butter. Read on to find out why.

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How we did it: This is a list of the best new restaurantsin the U.S. in 2023, according to Yelp. We identified full-service businesses in the restaurant category, which opened after January 1, 2022, then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews, between January 1, 2022, and August 7, 2023. When available, all businesses on the list have a passing health score as of August 7, 2023. Finally, we consulted with Yelp Trend Expert Tara Lewis to zero in on what spots Yelpers were loving.

After opening to raves in 2022, this off-Strip tapas spot has become an even hotter ticket since chef-owner Oscar Amador was named a James Beard finalist this past summer.Like its popular sibling EDO Tapas & Wine, Anima ("soul" in Spanish) is now a bucket-list dining and date-night destination for tourists and locals alike. Open kitchens (more than one!), roving amaro and gin-and-tonic carts, tapas stations, and eye-popping murals created by Brazilian street artist Apolo Torres provide a playful, energetic backdrop for "an amazing dining experience."

Anima's roots are firmly planted in Spain (Chef Oscar grew up in Barcelona). And while the menu boasts 19 different hot and cold appetizers, fresh-made seafood and pastas also dominate. Customer favorites include Truffle Cavatelli with salchichón (a Spanish sausage), English peas, and bone marrow scooped and swirled into the dish tableside. Another standout: the "rich, delicious, and heavenly " Ricotta Gnocchi with bay scallops, enoki mushrooms, and lemon beurre blanc. Carnivores also rave about the "out-of-this-world," melt-in-your-mouth Braised Short Ribs served with potato mousseline and a sherry-black pepper sauce.

But it's the tapas-and specifically Bravas Potatoes-that showcase the love and labor Oscar bakes into each dish. The appetizer, simply described as "crispy layered potatoes," is actually 20 layers of thinly sliced spuds that are baked, then fried-and "take forever to make," according to the chef. "Each individual layer is crisped. It's very unique," adds business partner Joe Mikulich. "It's every crispy-potato lover's dream," shares Yelp Elite Christy L.

Other fan faves include signature dishes from the EDO menu: Green Tartare appetizer (zucchini, avocado, green bell pepper, pistachio vinaigrette); Bikini (a pressed sandwich of cured Spanish sausage and Mahón cheese-named after the Bikini Concert Hall in Barcelona, where street vendors sell pressed ham-and-cheese sandwiches); and Granita (strawberry shaved ice topped with popcorn mousse). The cold dessert is "packed with fruity flavor and a great way to end an amazing dinner," says Yelp Elite Crissy S.

An "excellent" 250-label wine list may tempt vinophiles, but those in the know order gin and tonics-an Anima specialty. "Spain and gin and tonic go hand in hand. They drink it like water," Joe jokes. "We have a rotating gin selection and introduce customers to different styles." Yelpers talk up Uncle Val's Restorative Gin, crafted with cucumber, lemon peel, olive, and elderflower tonic, and Monkey 47 Gin, with cardamom, rosemary, and lemon peel.

The tasting menu-with pairings from the 400-bottle cellar-is the "way to go," reviewers advise. Guests with dietary restrictions can also enjoy Anima's Mediterranean cuisine via vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free tasting menus. Either way, Yelpers recommend "bringing as many people as possible [so you can] try many different dishes."

Most popular/most photographed dishes:Braised Short Ribs, Green Tartare, Kaluga Caviar and Eggs, Truffle Cavatelli, and Lobster Crostini.

Yelpers say:"We've dined at some of the top restaurants in town…this was on par with them, if not better. Everything was PHENOMENAL. Our favorite was the special caviar bomb-caviar on top of a puff pastry with a creamy filling, topped with jamón. Green Tartare and Lobster Crostini were also standouts. Overall, an incredible dining experience, especially for this price point. I can't wait to go back to try other menu items." -Marissa T.

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2. Pomet, Oakland, California

What happens when an orchard owner opens a restaurant?You get an "orchard-to-table" experience in which more than half the dishes showcase the farm's fruit. Think Kampachi Crudo with pickled Asian pears (in season January through March), Liberty Duck with pomegranate jus, or persimmon salad. "It's the truest definition of farm-to-table because I amthe farmer," says Aomboon Deasy, who owns both Pomet and K&J Orchards (a Fort Mason Center Farmers' Market favorite). "The fruit that we pick is tree-ripened for optimum taste and texture. It's not picked green for transportation." Same goes for the restaurant's vegetables, sourced from local farmers Aomboon has known for more than 30 years.

The result is a hyper-seasonal, "subject-to-change," Asian-influenced menu, where only 2 dishes have remained since the North Oakland restaurant opened in March 2022: the ever-popular Ugly Mushroom Filled Pasta ("You will slurp the sauce with a spoon…it's that good," raves Yelp Elite Stephanie Y.) and Salt and Pepper Quail ("Amazing-so many flavors that worked perfectly together," says Yelp Elite Joanne H.).

Pomet means "orchard," an homage to Aomboon's pomologist father, who founded K&J Orchards with her mom in 1980. The restaurant occupies a long, high-ceilinged space in downtown Piedmont that formerly housed Homestead, one of K&J Orchards' 150-plus customers. Chef Edalyn Garcia from The Village Pub took over the open kitchen this past summer.

No waste is a theme at Pomet, which recently received a Michelin Green Star, awarded to restaurants at the forefront of sustainable practices. Carrot tops from the restaurant, for example, feed chickens at the orchard; wood from the restaurant's oven comes from farm trees, according to Aomboon. "We're trying to introduce as much of a full circle of life as possible," she says. "It's time to not always take, but to give back."

Most popular/most photographed dishes: Ugly Mushroom Filled Pasta, Short Rib, Black Cod, Crunchy Liberty Duck Leg.

Yelpers say:"A hidden gem in Oakland that's not to be missed! It's very popular, so get a reservation instead of trying to walk in. The food was almost all 5/5. We got the Ugly Mushroom pasta…a life-changing dish!! The pistachio cake [had] just the right sweetness. You can taste the pistachio in each bite. A must-order item if you see it on their menu. Don't hesitate booking this place; you won't be disappointed whether dining alone, with a date, or a large party." -Yelp Elite Eva L.

3. Manzke, Los Angeles, California

With 3 culinary awards under their belts, Chefs Walter and Margarita Manzke have discovered the recipe for restaurant success. Just months after opening their third Los Angeles dining destination in March 2022, the culinary power couple landed a Michelin star and the Michelin Guide California Cocktails award. Then in June, Chef Margarita took home the James Beard Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef.

The ambitious multi-course tasting menu at their eponymous hot spot-"one of the best I've ever had and totally worth the splurge," according to fans-changes regularly and reflects the chefs' deep culinary roots and world travels. "We love Thailand, China, Mexico, Peru," Chef Walter says, reflecting on a pivotal trip to Bangkok 20 years ago. The couple took over a Four Seasons restaurant there for 3 days, an experience that influenced their cooking and inspired a Thai curry soup that Walter has reimagined many times since. "It's so powerful, the flavor so intense and complex, because of the fresh vegetables in it," he says. "A version of it has been on the menu since Day 1."

Other favorites that regularly appear on the tasting menu include Liberty Farms Sonoma Duck (with "amazing crispy skin"), "laminated" brioche served with curls of Rodolphe Le Meunier butter from Normandy ("probably the best bread course I have ever had< /a>"), and a raw Bluefin Tuna Tostada with salsa fresca. The tostada is a take on the lobster tacos Walter enjoyed growing up in San Diego, and the salsa is "clarified, so it's clear like water!" he says.About their award-winning and ever-changing cocktail menu: Many are crafted with vintage spirits, such as the 1980s Gordon's Gin and Campari featured in the Negroni, and the 1963 Old Forester Bourbon showcased in the Manhattan. "My Old Fashioned was one of the best I have ever had-executed perfectly," says Yelp Elite Christopher D. Other cocktails contain eclectic ingredients such as yuzu or green Thai curry.

The Manzkes, who also own Republique and Bicyclette (which is downstairs from Manzke), pay exquisite detail to the products they source, including produce from local farmers markets. "When there are no peaches at the farmers market, there are no peaches on the menu," Walter says. "We have to experiment with something else. It challenges us to be creative."

Most popular/most photographed dishes: European White Asparagus Kaluga Caviar, Liberty Farms Sonoma Duck, Laminated Brioche, Dungeness Crab Thai Curry, Live Santa Barbara Spot Prawn, Potato Chips with smoked trout roe and tzatziki.

Yelpers say: "The food is beyond exquisite, 10 courses beautifully paced and layered to leave you, at the end, feeling totally satisfied with the extravagance you've devoured. Beyond all of this…the service is close to perfection. It's not stuffy, the wait staff are incredibly knowledgeable, charming, and somehow have ample time to engage and rotate through their tables so you feel special at all times." -Richard B.

If a friend from another country invited you home for dinner, what would they serve?At Oreatha's, Executive Chef Christian "Lucke" Bell takes guests around the world of home cooking-with a Southern twist.

"I grew up on the North Side of Chicago and had friends from all backgrounds-Indian, Russian, Italian, Jewish, you name it," he recalls. "I sat in their homes, tasted their food, and was treated like one of their own. The food came from their hearts." Lucke and chef-owner Deborah VanTrece (of Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours) strive to create that same experience at Oreatha's. (Pronounced Oh-REE-tha's, it's named after Deborah's mom.)

Located in Atlanta's historic Cascade Heights neighborhood-birthplace of local notables like John Lewis and Hank Aaron-Oreatha's features a global menu of everything from Crawfish Poutine and a Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich to Polynesian Duck Wings, all featuring Lucke's mashup touch. The classic Italian Caprese salad, for example, gets "a little dirty South remix" with fried green tomatoes coated in cornflake crumbs, plus fresh mozzarella, roasted corn succotash with a creamed-corn vinaigrette, and a balsamic glaze. Yelp Elite Angelica D. calls the small plate "epic…The tomatoes were fried to perfection."

Thai-Seasoned Catfish has been a top seller since Day 1. "If I took it off the menu, I would have people with pitchforks and torches tracking me down," Lucke jokes. His version features a fresh whole catfish, marinated with red curry paste and Asian spices for at least 24 hours, dredged in rice flour, curry powder, turmeric, and spices, then fried. It's served with coconut grits, curry coleslaw, and tamarind hot sauce.

Most popular/most photographed dishes: Thai-Seasoned Catfish, Fried Green Tomato Caprese, Duck Ravioli, Oxtail Lasagna, Bread Service Plate.

Yelpers say: "Great food, great atmosphere, great service-this restaurant is a Southwest Atlanta gem. Tried 3 courses as well as cocktails, all of which were absolutely amazing. The Bread Service and Fried Green Tomatoes were great starters. The Shrimp Saganaki was seasoned to perfection! Down in Eve's Bayou was a delicious cocktail choice and paired well with the food selections. An overall fantastic experience!" -Dani H.

5. Rania, Washington, D.C.

Sexy. Sophisticated. Glamorous. Grown-up. That's the vibe of this eagerly awaited "bright new culinary star" that's redefining Indian cuisine in D.C. The restaurant, which earned a Michelin star in 2023, replaces the pandemic-shuttered Punjab Grill, so guests can expect the same "opulent and luxurious" decor. But the menu is decidedly different and unexpected under Executive Chef Chetan Shetty, who comes from critically acclaimed Indian Accent in New York City and has appeared on the Food Network competition show "Chopped."

"Every dish was such a creative combination of traditional flavors, [along with] inventive ingredients and flavors that elevate and modernize the experience," says fan Joseph L. Favorites include the Chicken Kofta (served with "a delicious truffle cream sauce" and pickled wild mushrooms), Parsi Chicken (a poached egg perched on a nest of crispy potato strings and spoonfuls of minced chicken), and Beef Short Rib (with saffron and charred maitake mushrooms). Yelper tip: Splurge on the 3- or 4-course prix fixe and "don't order the same things…there will be plenty to share." (The a la carte menu is available Tuesday-Thursday, or Friday and Saturday after 9 pm.)

Yelpers also have "a lot of fun" with the "fabulous" cocktails-including Lavender Bliss, with Empress gin, spiced lavender cordial, Luxardo (Italian cherry liqueur), and egg white; or Rang Birange, with lime-infused mezcal, lulo juice (from a tart tropical fruit), Zirbenz (an Austrian liqueur), and Fresno chile syrup. Spoiler alert: Your drink may arrive in a smoking, glowing treasure chest festooned with fake reptiles! "Anyone can do a cocktail," says Hamid Khalili, director of operations. "We take our guests on an adventure!" Fun fact: The 10-seat private dining room shimmers with 150,000 individually handcrafted and hand-laid mirrors.

Most popular/most photographed dishes:Chicken Kofta, Beef Short Ribs, Parsi Chicken, Lamb Shank, Shrimp Koliwada, and various seasonal dishes and specials, like lamb chop with roasted tomato kitchari.

Yelpers say: "Rania means 'queen' in Hindi, and yes, this place is fit for royalty. Upon entering, it feels as if you've entered a majestic palace. Now the place is beautiful…does the food match the grandeur? It did. It surpassed all our expectations! Each dish was a flavorful symphony of different notes ranging from spicy, saucy, umami, etc. Don't miss the Shiso Leaf Chaat, Lamb Cheela, and braised lamb covered in masala and coconut foam. Dare I say perfection?!" -Yelp Elite Cham K.

This "hidden gem" in Miami's retro-looking MiMo District has quickly become a local favorite.It's "perfect for dinner with friends or family, but also cozy for a romantic date," according to fans.

Reviewers talk up the pasta choices and specials, such as Ravioli Fichi e Gorgonzola (fig-filled house-made ravioli with gorgonzola sauce and crispy prosciutto) and Cacio e Pepe e Tartufo (pasta prepared tableside in a wheel of Pecorino Romano cheese and topped with shaved truffles). "This dish was an absolute delight, with flavors perfectly balanced and truffle adding a luxurious touch…the true highlight of the meal," says Yelp Elite Eldarbek K.

Be sure to save room for dessert, because the tableside tiramisu is not to be missed. "It's actually perfect," says Yelp Elite Sabrina F. "You get a crunch here and there, and the mascarpone, the key to a good tiramisu, is heaven." The second most popular dolci:Bombolini, warm Italian donuts filled with Nutella cream.

This spot is the latest venture from Graspa, the group behind Miami restaurants Segafredo, Spris Artisan Pizza, Salumeria 104, and others. The staff hasn't changed since Osteria opened in February 2022, according to general manager and co-owner Angelo Kometa. That leads to what Yelpers call "exceptional" service, by a team that "appeared to love what they do."

Most popular/most photographed dishes:Cacio e Pepe e Tartufo (cheese wheel pasta with truffles); Parmigiana di Melanzane dello Chef (eggplant with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil); tiramisu made tableside.

Yelpers say: "Easily my favorite Italian restaurant in Miami! Consistent great service and food. The whipped ricotta with prosciutto and breadsticks makes me breathe heavily just thinking about it. The lasagna is…very rich and creamy. Tiramisu is made at your table with fresh whipped cream, and the whole dish is just a perfect balance of sweetness. The ambiance is cozy but very classy and refined. I'll of course be back." -Yelp Elite Lilly M.

If you ask chef-owner Michael Bolen why he mills his own flour and makes his own butter, he'll respond with one word: flavor. "By making everything from scratch, we're able to control the entire process and come up with profound flavors that we otherwise couldn't do," he says. "You can't beat the flavor of freshly milled wheat or of hand-picked apples ripened on a tree." His passion for complex ingredients is evident in the 3 intricate sauces that accompany the Porcelet Belly Dégustation, currently on the tasting menu (which is available on Friday and Saturday nights)-one is made with sweet-tart Black Kat plums seasoned with fermented onion and house-made citrus kosho (fruit-chile paste); another with chanterelle mushrooms, hazelnuts, and buttermilk; and the third is a velouté (savory French sauce) made with Koginut squash (a creamy hybrid of kabocha and butternut) and warm spices.

Chef Michael's hyper-seasonal menu changes daily with a few notable exceptions: the "phenomenal< /span>" bread service (house-made focaccia and sourdough), "delicate and delicious " Steak Tartare (featuring jalapeno, green blueberry capers, crispy garlic, and vintage cheddar), and Roasted Beets (with beet sabayon, horseradish, pistachio, and blackberry). Then there's Boniato Pelmeni (sweet potato dumplings)-with dough made by Michael's mother-in-law, Tetiana (known as "Babushka")-the only item that has been on the menu since the restaurant opened in 2022.

Guests enjoy watching the chefs prepare food in the open kitchen and rave about the "spectacular and impressiv e" service. "The owners are beyond attentive and make you feel like you are among friends," says Natalia I. "If you are looking for Michelin standards, this is the place…and it's affordable," adds Manny L.

Most popular/most photographed dishes: Boniato Pelmeni, Steak Tartare, Maitake Mushrooms in a parsley and garlic sabayon; on the current tasting menu, Grilled Lobster with roasted beets, broccolini, and Castelfranco (Italian bitter greens).

Yelpers say:"Fantastic addition to the Gables! The food was innovative, novel, and comforting. Every dish was shareable, and our table of 4 delighted in every morsel hand-delivered by the chef and his wife, who were consummate hosts. We could taste the fact that everything was made in-house. The wine list was thoughtful and affordable, and the place was cozy and nicely lit. Overall, this is a very special place foodies will love." -Julia T.

With a menu inspired by Andalo, a village in Italy's Dolomite region,this namesake restaurant specializes in 2 types of regional ingredients: fresh local produce and premium Italian-imported products. They're prepared simply to allow the natural flavors to shine.

"The new gnocchi dish we've been working on is just tomatoes, olive oil, salt, and a little black pepper. That's it," says Jamie Brown, co-owner with husband Jeff Tonidandel (who traces his family name to Andalo). And, of course, those tomatoes will be San Marzanos from Italy's Campania region. The focaccia, "crisp on the outside and warm and soft on the inside," can be ordered with an olive oil flight. "We selected 3 different olive oils that have slightly different flavor notes," Jamie says. "It's fun and experiential for people to try [them] and see how they vary from region to region."

Along with the pastas, all of the breads, pastries, and sauces are house-made. So is the burrata, which is the only carryover dish from Crepe Cellar Kitchen & Pub, the restaurant that Jeff and Jamie operated for 13 years. "The burrata appetizer was, quite simply, magnificent," says Yelp Elite Ryan R. "The way they warmed the bread but charred the ends…the burrata had a nice citrus tang to it, and it complemented the bread perfectly,"

Signature dishes include Calabrian Chili Pappardelle with a beef ragu and dollop of house-made ricotta; and Branzino, a whole filet featuring shaved fennel, watercress, and a white balsamic mignonette. "Pasta was fresh, sauce was very tasty and very light. Branzino was cooked perfectly," reports Dave A.

Most popular/most photographed dishes: Calabrian Chili Pappardelle, Branzino, Chicken Piccata (with grilled, whey-brined chicken), and braised Short Rib with celery sprouts. Yelper tip: Be sure to order a Cheese Cloud, a fluffy pile of Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano, for your pasta.

Yelpers say: "This has been added to my favorite restaurants. The food was amazing! The ricotta with the focaccia is a must. The short rib fell off the bone, the seafood pasta was so fresh, drinks were amazing [too]. The dessert (Tiramisu Trifle and Cantaloupe Sorbet) was so delicious. The ambiance is very intimate, low-key, and cozy. Our server was attentive, gave her recommendations, and the whole staff worked as a team. I was waiting for something to hinder my experience, but it was a 10/10." -Yelp Elite Victoria M.

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Named after the butcher in Fiddler on the Roof, this Brooklyn offshoot of a beloved Philadelphia restaurant specializes in charcoal-grilled meat skewers-but you could just as easily come for the vegetables, or the views. The rooftop shipudiya(skewer house) serves up a "stunni ng" panorama of the Manhattan skyline, alongside a 3-course prix-fixe Israeli menu that begins with seasonally changing vegetable salatim(salads and sides). Each platter is anchored by "perfectly soft and w arm" pita, along with James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov's famously "creamy and flavo rful" hummus. (Solomonov is co-owner of CookNSolo, whose restaurants also include the award-winning Zahav.)

"We foster a communal dining experience, almost like a family barbecue," says Chef de Cuisine Mike Mayo. "You eat with your hands and all of the food is made to share, encouraging conversation and lively debates over salatim." The quintessential entree, "tender and flav orful" Brisket Kebab, combines fresh-ground meat with herbs, harif (Yemeni-style hot sauce), and Spanish onion, according to Mike. Another popular choice is Steak Shishlik: "The beef was super-juicy and cooked perfectly, [with] a slight smokiness," says Yelp Elite Isabella T.

Save room for dessert if you can: The "creamy and del icious" brown sugar soft serve topped with cardamom-spiced blueberries and almond crumble is included in the prix fixe. "The brown sugar flavor was just the right amount of sweet, and the perfect blank canvas for experimenting with different toppings," Mike explains.

Most popular/most photographed dishes:Steak Shishlik, Chicken Shishlik, Brisket Kebab, and Lamb & Beef Koobideh (juicy pieces of spiced ground meat); top veggie items include hummus, Moroccan Carrots, Kale Babaganoush, and Tunisian Potatoes.

Yelpers say: "Truly an amazing experience that lives up to the hype! Gorgeous rooftop with kind staff and a thoughtful menu. It's prix fixe, so every meal begins with the huge tray of salatim, then you pick 1 entree per person. We were pretty sold on the steak, [and] the waiter said the cauliflower was his favorite dish, so we got it and wowwe were not disappointed. Highly recommend both. The dessert is honestly quite special. Creamy, delicious ice cream that's not too sweet…The flavors and textures work soooo well together. Clearly, I had an awesome time." -Yelp Elite Elizabeth R.

After an 18-month hiatus, chef-owner Giorgio Rapicavoli's beloved restauranthas reopened in Coral Gables-and now, according to fans, "it's all gr own up!" The new space (a few doors down from sister restaurant Luca Osteria) is larger and more upscale than the original, with a "cool and cont emporary" ambiance, "beautiful bar," and an exciting mix of "new dishes and old favorites."

Yelpers especially love the whimsically elevated brunch menu, which features crispy Tater Tots with black truffle catsup, plus "decadent" Cap'n Crunch Pancakes with vanilla butter and condensed-milk "syrup." Another fave is Buttermilk Fried Amish Chicken and Waffles, served with a smoky maple syrup and carrot-based hot sauce. Bucatini "Carbonara" (with egg yolk, black pepper, heritage bacon, and black truffle) is a popular dish for lunch and dinner. "I loved every bite…pretty much perfection," says Yelp Elite Chip R. The ideal accompaniment: "buttery, savory, and fluffy" Parker House Rolls.

Chef Giorgio, the first Miami contestant to win Food Network's competition show "Chopped," is also lauded for "cooking, charring, and/or roasting vegetables," reports Yelp Elite Cristin R. Current standouts: Heirloom Tomatoes (with fish-sauce vinaigrette, herbs, peanuts, and coconut milk), Twice-Cooked Cauliflower (with lime beurre blanc and slow-cooked garlic), and Grilled Heirloom Carrots.

For dessert, don't miss the nostalgic Dirt Cup (candied nuts, chocolate, and ice cream from Miami-based Cry Baby Creamery), which "will make you want to lick the plate," says Yelp Elite Eddie D.

Most popular/most photographed dishes: Tater Tots, Cap'n Crunch Pancakes, "Carbonara" Benedict (soft eggs, heritage bacon, and black truffle fonduta on ciabatta bread), and Crispy Cheese & Pineapple for brunch; Yellowfin Tuna Tartare, Butternut Squash Ravioli (with fig balsamic), Dirt Cup at lunch and dinner.

Yelpers say: "The Butternut Squash Ravioli was incredible-fig balsamic was the best touch. We also ordered the carbonara; perfect al dente pasta, nicely balanced flavors…and the Brussels Sprouts Caesar-crunchy, salty, and peppery in all the right ways. Excellent food, service, and the vibes here are on point!" -Steph V.

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This eclectic Miami hot spot brings wood-fired flavorto every dish, from a Mustard Green Lasagna with rich lamb ragu to a Carrot Tartare with carrot-top salsa (served with carrot chips), and Cabbage Carbonara topped with crispy pancetta and a fermented hollandaise.

Yelpers say: "This truly stands out as one of the most remarkable restaurant experiences I've ever had. The culinary journey began with their exquisite Carrot Tartare, which was a delightful and inventive twist on a classic. Then came the grilled romaine salad, a fresh and flavorful creation that left my taste buds dancing. The lamb lasagna was a thin and crispy masterpiece. And the orange 'creamsicle' in a perfect waffle cone was an interactive treat for the taste buds. Walrus Rodeo truly knows how to create a memorable dining experience." -Yelp Elite Ari N.

Husband and wife Yuan and Carey Tang bring their Michelin-starred experienceto this upscale yet casual (children are encouraged!) dinner and brunch spot. Classic comfort food with a twist includes Pineapple Bun Sliders (Spam, scrambled eggs, and guacamole), Vietnamese French onion soup with a pho broth, and fried oysters on a bed of Larb Gai (minced chicken, Thai curry, and hazelnuts).

Yelpers say: "We ordered the Pineapple Bun [Sliders], Salmon Poke, Fried Oyster Larb, Fennel Rigatoni, Fancy Tater Tots, and Rachel's Chocolate Cake. I enjoyed everything I tried. The buns came with this grilled scallion butter that I could never rave enough about, especially because it added some savory flavors to the sweeter buns that were incredibly flaky and soft. The Salmon Poke was not overly marinated but still had plenty of flavor from the avocado and pineapple toppings. [And] Ellie Bird has excellent service that goes above and beyond." -Yelp Elite Jessica H.

A globally inspired menu that changes based on seasonalityand sustainability features such favorites as Clam Chowder Fries (steamed clams in creamy broth under a mound of crisp potatoes), Whipped Ricotta (with oven-roasted tomatoes and aged balsamic drizzle), and spicy tuna sashimi with sweet soy over crispy rice.

Yelpers say: "This is an awesome hidden gem. The wine selection is great and the sangria was delicious! We ordered the [Iceberg] Wedge salad and Whipped Ricotta to share as starters. This was one of the best wedge salads I've ever had. The Whipped Ricotta was super yummy, and I loved that the bread comes from one of my favorite local bakers! We split the steak frites for dinner-cooked and flavored to perfection. Each staff member was friendly and engaging." -Kelly C.

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This laid-back restaurant features modern Japanese fare,including Honey Vanilla Milk Buns (served hot with cultured compound butter and smoked trout roe), Chutoro Toast (burnt honey cream cheese and cured bluefin on squid-ink milk bread), and sweet and savory Katsu Sando (fried-chicken sandwich with Japanese tartar sauce and tamari caramel).

Yelpers say: "Money Cat has creative and unique options that set them apart from competitors. The milk and honey buns offer a perfect bite of deliciousness; little bursts of egg roe and crispy pieces is what makes this bread dish a must-order. The [Chutoro] Toast is savory and the fish on top is clean and flavorful. The [Valrhona Cocoa Brownie] was the best dessert I have eaten in my life. If you're looking for a great food spot with exceptional service, look no more." -Yelp Elite Rocksann S.

The Mediterranean-inspired menu with a fine-dining vibe includes 2 types of favorite chops: wood-grilled lamb (with olive oil potatoes and a bright herb and black olive sauce) and char-roasted veal (drizzled with caramelized anchovy and garlic). Fans also like the Tarte au Chevre (goat cheese tart with smoked trout, tomato confit, Belgian endive, arugula, and French pesto), Corzetti (handmade pasta coins with creamy walnut sauce), and Olive Oil Cake (paired with a tart strawberry lime coulis and strawberry ice cream).
Yelpers say: "Wow! I actually wanted to lick my plate after the Corzetti. I don't know what they did to the walnuts (I assume it involved lots of butter and parmesan), but it was amazing. I appreciate that there are so many vegetarian and even vegan options on the menu. If you're looking for a special-occasion restaurant, this is the place." -Yelp Elite Danielle B.

The ornate food here, rooted in Syrian/Levantine cuisine,features favorites such as Mousakhan Chicken Rolls (braised sumac chicken and caramelized onions with labneh to dip), Short Rib Freekeh (risotto with raisins, pomegranate, swiss chard, and pine nuts), Smashed Batata Harra (smashed potatoes in a spicy sauce), and Za'atar Honey Burrata (burrata cheese, citrus honey, za'atar, pistachio, and rose petals).
Yelpers say: "What a gorgeous restaurant! We were blown away! From the moment you valet your car, you're greeted with very friendly service. We had the hummus, baba ghanouj, and muhamara [red pepper-walnut dip] to start. The baba ghanouj was phenomenal. So flavorful and perfectly spiced. We also ordered the Smashed Batata Harra, which you must order. Paired with the gorgeous ambiance, this is the perfect restaurant to celebrate a special occasion in Baltimore." -Yelp Elite Jailene A.

Fans flock to this casual Oaxacan eatery for the elote(grilled corn smothered in black garlic aioli, cotija, and tajin); Hamachi Crudo with serrano pepper aguachile, Key lime juice, and hoja Santa (a Mexican herb) oil; Birria de Res (braised beef cheeks); and churros (dusted with cinnamon and charred corn husk ash and served with Mexican-style chocolate sauce).

Yelpers say: "We absolutely loved our experience at Oaxaca! The food is the star here-incredibly fresh and authentic. The attention to detail in the food preparation is evident. Our party had Birria de Res, Steak Tlayuda, Tacos al Pastor, and Steak Quesadilla. The heat and spice in the birria is deep and rich. Did I mention they get their corn from Oaxaca? You can taste how freshly made all the corn items are-the masa for the tlayuda, the tortillas for the birria. We were very full but wanted to try one dessert, so we tried the churros-again, delicious." -Anna R.

At this elegant Indian/French, Michelin-starred restaurant-which offers non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan tasting menus, along with a la carte dishes-favorites include Egg Curry (poached egg in curry covered by a buckwheat dome), Yogurt Chat (airy cashew yogurt layered with crispy potatoes and chutneys), and Passion Fruit Pani Puri (buckwheat tart with green apple and sorrel).

Yelpers say: "Blown away by the 6-course tasting menu at Indienne! The flavors/textures of each dish were incredibly unique-ranging from the fresh Passion Fruit Pani Puri, to the perfectly medium-rare lamb chop (paired with a delicious garlic naan), to the liquid nitrogen frozen yogurt on the strawberry Eton Mess. Service and plating were all impeccable, and the vibe of the restaurant was modern and cool." -Yelp Elite Claire L.

At this modern steakhouse, which also serves sushi, Yelpers rave about the Flaming Scallops (4 pan-seared scallops served on a flaming platter), Chicken Fried Ribeye (with pan gravy and a smoked-gouda mash), and Whipped Goat (goat cheese studded with chopped bacon, dates, and pecans).

Yelpers say: "Went here last Saturday for date night. Our service was great and we were blown away by the food. I got the filet, rare. It was perfectly cooked and well seasoned, and very tender. My husband got the Chicken Fried Ribeye, and said it was the best chicken-fried steak that he's ever had in his life. The cream corn is so good that you could use it as a dip. And Gouda mashed potatoes were equally amazing. So good!"-Amber G.

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A menu inspired by owner/sommelier Alpana Singh's love of food and wineincludes such favorites as Squid Ink Campanelle (in saffron chili butter with rock shrimp and tarragon), Creste di Gallo Alla Grappa ("rooster's crest" pasta in spicy tomato grappa sauce), Tagliatelle Verdura (pasta with greens, lemon sauce, and stracciatella cheese), and Short Rib Bourguignon (fall-off-the-bone tender, served with mashed potatoes and root veggies). Don't forget to ask for wine pairings.

Yelpers say: "We were so delighted with the food, service, and ambiance. In a beautifully decorated dining room with hanging plants and funky wallpaper, we over-ordered and everything delivered. Our favorite was the Brussels Sprouts Crostini and 'rooster' pasta. We also had the arugula and watermelon salad [and] the special for Sunday, their filet mignon. Best meal of summer 2023…Don't miss this spot!" -Yelp Elite Mira K.

At this spot helmed by acclaimed chef José Andrés, Spain-meets-California favorites include "Beefsteak" Tomato Tartare (a vegetarian take on the beef tartare, eaten with romaine leaves), Duck Breast (in a sauce of hibiscus, sake, and ume), and Pistachio Cake (topped with mascarpone sorbet).

Yelpers say: "Wow! The San Laurel is stunning. We had the 'Beefsteak' Tomato Tartare, one of the crudos, Vermicelli Mac, wagyu, sea bass, and for dessert, the [Pistachio] Cake. All the dishes had out-of-this-world presentations and were extremely delicious. And the views from the terrace give you one of the best looks of LA. This is a gorgeous restaurant, [and] service is impeccable." -Yelp Elite Miriam W.

Dine on Martha Stewart's most celebrated dishes-in a replica of her 1925 farmhouse-at this Paris Las Vegas resort location. A house-made bread basket (overflowing with floral-encrusted flatbreads, sour cherry-rosemary focaccia, and Parker House rolls), Crab Cake (with roasted yellow peppers and celeriac slaw), and Upside-Down Lemon Meringue Pie (pillows of baked meringue and lemon curd), are just a few highlights.

Yelpers say: "What an amazing meal from start to finish. Impeccable service. The meals were tasty and well presented. Outstanding signature drinks. Got to try the Roast Chicken, Truffle Fettuccine, and sea scallops with lemon risotto. All had incredible flavor and plentiful portions. The piece de resistance [was] the Upside-Down Lemon Meringue. Will definitely be back next time I am in Vegas." -Yelp Elite Rachel W.

23. Burnin 99, North Charleston, South Carolina

Do-it-yourself hot pots and Koreanbarbecueare featured at this interactive, all-you-can-eat Charleston buffet. Choose from a huge variety of soup bases, meats, seafood, veggies, and sauces. Crab legs, dumplings, and blue crab are among fans' top picks.

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Yelpers say: "A unique and fun opportunity, and by far the best in Charleston. They will walk you through veggies, meats, broths, and grilling techniques. We did the hot pot/grill combo. The spicy broth was incredible. Be prepared for every kind of protein and veggie you can imagine. The sauce bar is really great, and they offer some suggestions if you don't know what to mix and match. A very cool vibe, and we will definitely be back." -Yelp Elite Victoria G.

With an open and modern feel, this cool San Diego eatery(from James Beard nominee and food-TV staple Richard Blais) serves up California charm with an English twist. Nosh on favorites like Fish & Chips (with madras curry and smashed English peas for dipping), "Hot" Scotch Egg (coated and fried with chorizo and topped with whipped honey), and Beef Short Rib (with celery mash, glazed chamomile carrots, and pickled walnuts).

Yelpers say: "We had the 'Hot' Scotch Egg-a soft-boiled egg with sausage meat wrapped around it, covered in tasty bread crumbs and spices and fried. They drizzle chili sauce on it and whipped honey to top it all off. We also had the Saint Patty Melt Burger. So juicy and crispy at the same time. We finished with the Sticky Toffee and Date Cake, which again wowed me." -Yelp Elite Colton V.

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If you can score a reservation at this New York hot spot-known for its Afro-Caribbean-influenced menu-fans recommend ordering the crispy Curried Goat Patties (with green-seasoned aioli and spicy mango chutney), Egusi Dumplings with crab (made with ground melon seeds and served atop Nigerian red stew), and Short Rib Pastrami Suya (skewered wagyu meat-make it a sandwich with the caraway coco bread and melted red cabbage).

Yelpers say:"This restaurant truly is an ode to New York…it deserves every bit of the hype. The okra is just so good. The goat curry patties could be lunch every day for me. My favorite dish was the chicken. It brought the white sauce and hot sauce of New York food carts to the table in a way that was really fun and tasty. The chicken was somoist and perfectly seasoned, and the sauces were exactly what we wanted. Cocktails are good and the ambiance is fun." -Yelp Elite Hajir S.

Yelp's Best New Restaurants of 2023 was written and reported by Carol Bialkowski.Emily Novak contributed to this article.

Cover photo: Salatim at Laser Wolf, Brooklyn, New York