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09/26/2023 | News release | Distributed by Public on 09/26/2023 07:47

A Look Back on CyrusOne’s Sustainability Advancements and What’s Ahead

CyrusOne's sustainability programs made notable achievements in 2022 within each of our four environmental categories: climate, water, biodiversity, and circularity. We are proud of what we achieved over the past year and look forward to continuing to meet our sustainability goals.

As we build for a sustainable future, we would like to highlight some of our recent sustainability advancements and take a look at what's ahead.

Committed to being climate-neutral by 2030, our sustainability mission is comprised of three focus areas: build data centers that are compatible with a sustainable future; remain committed to conserving energy and water through effective design, maintenance, and operations of our facilities; and be strategic partners for sustainability with our customers to move their goals forward. CyrusOne's production of renewable resources has increased substantially. Globally, CyrusOne achieved 51% of the total power procured coming into its data center facilities as renewable last year. We continue to modify our climate goals, including the consideration of nuclear power. In 2022, CyrusOne accelerated its climate neutral by 2030 target and received validation from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) for its near-term target. In addition, we are leveraging technology to pursue sophisticated climate-neutral strategies.

CyrusOne's new data centers are designed to avoid dependence on water consumption-based cooling, providing increased reliability and reducing regional environmental impacts. Combined with our transition to carbon-free energy, our facilities are designed to neither consume large amounts of water nor emit large amounts of carbon. We strive to make our operations as water-efficient as possible. In 2022, CyrusOne added to our net-water-positive portfolio, achieving net-positive water status for all data centers in regions with extremely high water stress. We continue to dig deeper into water accounting, looking at the supply chain as we move to more renewable sources. Most of our facilities use water-free cooling, and we have acquired BEF Water Restoration Certificates® to restore water to local ecosystems, making our presence a net benefit to the watersheds where we operate.

Our focus on biodiversity, aiming to protect and improve the habitats where we operate and build, is an integral component of our sustainability program. While our data center campuses are mostly occupied by buildings, we find creative opportunities to use the surrounding land to support a diversity of resilient biological networks, as well as our digital ones. CyrusOne works to ensure that we are making progress at a local level and looking after the environment and habitats surrounding our facilities. We are executing improved biodiversity programs at our facilities and are committed to providing better biodiversity. In 2022, CyrusOne's data center in Allen, Texas received a National Wildlife Federation habitat certification, and we look to achieve more of these certifications in the future. We set a measurable biodiversity goal to have third-party-certified habitat at all of our facilities with landscaping. We are also conducting a portfolio gap assessment and plan to share these findings at the end of the year.

As an important component of our sustainability program, CyrusOne invests in and employs a variety of methods that support a transition to a circular economy-from initial design to construction and operation. Our focus includes material selection, waste management, and waste heat reuse. CyrusOne reached a new recycling milestone in Q3 2023, diverting 44% of all the waste generated from landfills, and we are on track to surpass our corporate sustainability landfill diversion goal to achieve a 50% national recycling rate by year-end. Last year, CyrusOne ramped up its e-waste recycling through a new partnership with AIT Electronic Recycling Solutions that encourages customers and employees to properly recycle unusable electronics at CyrusOne data centers. Since the program's inception in May 2022, CyrusOne has diverted more than 100,000 pounds of e-waste from landfills. Through this program, we track visibility and customers can request information from vendors, such as certificates of destruction. We also recycle waste heat and include in the design the ability to plug into district heating systems in Europe. In addition to our recycling efforts, we are committed to constructing and operating efficient buildings and pursuing certification of these building features. For all new facilities we design and construct in Europe, we target BREEAM Very Good certification. For all new facilities we design and construct in North America, we target LEED certification.

For more information about CyrusOne's sustainability programs, please read our 2023 sustainability report.