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07/28/2021 | Press release | Archived content

COVID19: how to design fair and inclusive vaccination plans?

Latin America has been especially affected by the COVID19 pandemic. Seven of the fifteen countries in the world with the highest mortality per 100,000 inhabitants are in this region. The crisis has also left serious social and economic consequences, especially for the most vulnerable people. Vaccination is advancing at different rates among the countries of the Latin territory, with different challenges in terms of production, access, storage and distribution, while contagion continues to be high, with new variants of the virus in circulation.

UNESCO, as an organization promoting social inclusion, the human right to science, bioethical principles and open science, has prepared the document COVID-19 and vaccination in LAC: Challenges, needs and opportunities, a work that generates more evidence on coronavirus vaccines, analyzing their production, access and distribution in Latin America and the Caribbean, from an approach focused on bioethical, human rights and open science aspects.