Pat Fallon

05/07/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/07/2024 15:05

Rep. Pat Fallon Introduces Recruiters on Campus Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Rep. Pat Fallon (TX-04) introduced the Recruiters on Campus Act (ROC Act)that requires American high schools that receive federal funding allow military recruiters access to their campuses.

On January 27, 1973, the United States military officially ended the draft, and for fifty years this country has had the distinct luxury of having the world's best military with an all-voluntary force. Our nation relies upon young men and women who willfully raise their right hands to fight to preserve the freedom's we hold so dear. However, over the past three years the U.S. military, across most of the services, has failed to meet its recruiting mission. The consequences of this are grave. For example, the Army, our nation's largest service, has had to reduce its overall size because it simply cannot recruit enough people.

"Our military's recruiting crisis poses an existential threat to our nation. American national security and our very existence as a country is put at risk because of these challenges, and Congress must do everything in its power to preserve our all-voluntary force," said Rep. Pat Fallon. "No high school should ever restrict its students from meeting with a recruiter. That is why I have introduced the Recruiters on Campus Act, that mandates that high schools who receive federal money allow recruiters on campus to interface with young men and women and explain the virtues and opportunities afforded by serving their country. As an Air Force veteran, and as a member of Congress, I believe it is our duty to ensure that our military remains ready and that young Americans continue to have every opportunity to pursue a career in our Armed Forces."