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What They’re Saying: Public and Community Safety Professionals and Leaders Applaud Mayor Bass’ Efforts to Address Public Safety in Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass tonight joined KNX News for a town hall with Angelenos to discuss public safety issues and solutions. During the town hall, Mayor Bass emphasized her commitment to keeping Angelenos and visitors safe with an intentional community safety approach. Last night, Mayor Bass delivered the 2024 State of the City address at Los Angeles City Hall in the Council Chamber. During her address, Mayor Bass discussed efforts to keep Angelenos safe, highlighting a drop in homicides and violent crime in 2023 compared to 2022.

"My number one job as Mayor is to keep Angelenos safe,"said Mayor Bass."Last year, homicides and violent crime decreased but our work on a comprehensive approach to safety must continue - and that absolutely includes bringing Angelenos inside. We will continue to do both urgently. I want to thank KNX for hosting this town hall and thank the Angelenos who came to talk about the future of safety in our city."

Public and community safety professionals and leaders acknowledged and applauded Mayor Bass following the KNX News Town Hall:

Katherine Hennigan Ohanesian, Board of Directors, Women Against Gun Violence

"We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Mayor Karen Bass to make Los Angeles a safer city for all. Women Against Gun Violence is fully committed to strengthening the partnerships needed to make violence prevention a permanent feature of Los Angeles' public safety strategy. We remain deeply committed to supporting promising, multi-layered approaches as a key component of a coordinated strategy to reduce gun violence in Los Angeles."

Maria de Lourdes Caracoza, President/CEO, Alma Family Services

"Through her inclusive vision for public safety, Mayor Bass has reinvigorated community engagement, enhancing the City's tools for peace. We have seen firsthand the thoughtful and responsive approach of Mayor Bass' Office of Community Safety when interacting with and working alongside the community. Her support for the Gang Reduction Youth Development Prevention program exemplifies her investment in the potential of our youth and the strength of collective action in building a safer, more vibrant future for all."

Tina Padilla, Executive Director, Community Warriors 4 Peace

"Violence Intervention Workers appreciates the Mayor's leadership, and for her recognition of making sure each worker is paid a fair and livable wage. We go out day after day to make sure our communities are safe using only our license to operate, and the fact that we don't have to have two jobs to live makes us work harder to keep Los Angeles safe for all."

Bishop Craig A. Worsham, Agape LA & Three Oaks Baptist Church, South Los Angeles

"We've seen encouraging trends during Mayor Bass' tenure in our crime statistics here in Los Angeles, but we still have much work to do. For us to be successful in making Los Angeles the strongest and safest large-sized city in the country, it will take all of us standing shoulder-to-shoulder in this work."

Nathan Arias, President/CEO, Soledad Enrichment Action

"As a voice for community wellness and social equity, Mayor Bass committed to listening attentively to us all across 15 very diverse council districts of Los Angeles. With true empathy and creativity, Mayor Bass recognized that our city can be better by being healthier and long overdue for a People first agenda that can measurably lead to sustainable community empowerment. Mayor Bass and her Team at city hall connects with stakeholders in a collective ask to join her in a commitment and a guiding belief, that the only way to solve the plethora of problems facing our City is through transparency, accountability and collaboration."

Kevin "Twin" Orange, Co-Founder/Director, Advocates for Peace and Urban Unity

"Mayor Bass has giving "APUU" the opportunity to continue providing services to the at risk youth and families in south Los Angeles and the increase pay for all employees goes to show her commitment for public safety and GRYD intervention workers to continue to help restore and heal our people of the mis diagnose Traumas our communities suffered from over the years. We stand with Mayor Bass as she continues to address our unhoused communities to make our streets safe for all."

Karla Ahmanson, Philanthropist and Public Safety Advocate

"As Los Angeles' Mayor, Karen Bass vowed to listen to Angelenos and fight for what's best for Los Angeles. These investments in our local economy, police force and community safety will make Los Angeles an even better place to live, work and raise a family. I am thankful for leaders like Mayor Bass to bring these investments to LA."

Stuart Waldman, President, Valley Industry Commerce Association (VICA)

"The business community has an important role to play in implementing our shared vision for public safety in Los Angeles. I both admire and respect Mayor Bass' efforts to address public and community safety, specifically bringing programming to young people in LA. It will take everyone at the table-across business, philanthropic, and government sectors-to create change."