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01/30/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 01/30/2023 09:27

City of Carrollton Prepares for Potential Winter Weather

The City of Carrollton is preparing for potential winter weather and Public Works is already pre-treating bridges and will be pre-treating roads and preparing other equipment for response as needed should impacts be seen.

City staff is beginning 24-hour operation with two 12-hour shifts and will evaluate on Wednesday, February 1 whether to extend through Thursday, February 2.

The pre-treatment application is intended to keep ice from forming. If cold conditions and precipitation persist over a longer duration and ice begins to form, crews will respond by implementing sanding operation plans for the higher traffic areas, as well as bridges and overpasses.

Reminder: During snow and ice storms, keep at least 200 feet behind the sanding and de-icing trucks as they are applying the materials to the roads. They may adjust their speeds as necessary, and your cooperation will protect your vehicle and avoid mishaps.

For more information, visit

Don't Forget to Protect Your Pet

When temperatures drop, don't forget to bring pets indoors. Take pets outside only for short periods of time or a quick walk as the cold ground can cause frostbite on their paws and wind chill can be damaging to their health. For more winter pet safety tips, click here.

Turn Off Your Sprinkler System

When temperatures are near freezing, businesses and residents need to pay close attention to their irrigation systems. On very cold days, the City of Carrollton receives numerous requests to sand roadways and sidewalks that are frozen and slippery due to irrigation overspray. This creates a safety hazard for pedestrians and drivers, and you can be held accountable if your system caused the problem. The City's Water Quality Team issues warnings and/or notices of violation, as well as citations to property owners who allow their irrigation systems to run during a freeze event. This is a critical step in protecting our community members and minimizing City expenditures for ice control. To report a running sprinkler system during temperatures 32 degrees or below, call 972-466-3425.

One way to be sure that your irrigation system is not contributing to the icy conditions is to install a rain and freeze sensor. Not only will these sensors save you money by automatically turning off your system during rain and freeze events, they will also help eliminate potentially hazardous situations such as icy sidewalks and roadways. Residents and businesses of Carrollton can take advantage of the City's free rain and freeze sensor program. Another simple alternative is to turn your irrigation system off until temperatures rise again. For more information, visit

City of Carrollton Inclement Weather Practices

Severe weather (snow, ice, high winds, etc.) may necessitate the temporary closure of City of Carrollton leisure service facilities. During adverse weather conditions, the public is advised to limit driving to minimize accidents, falls and other weather-related incidents. To comply with public safety advisories, the following leisure services facilities may be closed:

  • Crosby Recreation Center 972-466-9810
  • Rosemeade Recreation Center 972-466-9800
  • Oak Creek Tennis Center 972-466-6389
  • Carrollton Senior Center 972-466-4850
  • Hebron & Josey Public Library 972-466-4800
  • Josey Ranch Lake Public Library 972-466-4800
  • Indian Creek Golf Club 972-466-9850
  • A.W. Perry Homestead Museum 972-466-6380

For customers' convenience, automated telephone messages regarding inclement weather operating schedules are recorded as conditions warrant. Online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at

Residents with Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC service can report a power outage to Oncor by calling 888-313-4747, texting O-U-T to 66267, downloading the MyOncor app, or by visiting

Residents with CoServ Electric service can report a power outage to CoServ by texting O-U-T to 855-938-3496, or visit for estimated restoration times and other updates.