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06/21/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/21/2024 02:26

White paper confirms the efficiency of the DAC Universal D in the reprocessing of dental handpieces

In dental practices, handpieces can be reprocessed both manually and automatically. An independent laboratory study1 has now conclusively demonstrated that automated cleaning in a DAC Universal D from Dentsply Sirona provides significantly better results than manual reprocessing.

Charlotte, N.C. Tests conducted by an accredited laboratory2 have shown that automated reprocessing in Dentsply Sirona's DAC Universal D is more efficient than the manual process. The cleaning results of almost 5,000 handpieces were analyzed and evaluated. In addition, the assessment of the MAUDE (Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience) database from the FDA confirmed that cleaning is one of the most important prerequisites for the long-term and safe use of handpieces. The MAUDE database contains collected data such as injuries and malfunctions caused by broken handpieces. The causal relationship between incorrect cleaning and maintenance, as well as damage and corrosion, and patient injuries was also analyzed in this study.

DAC Universal: Over 20 years of very high infection control and safety standards

DAC Universal was launched in 2000 as a combination unit for instrument reprocessing. Since then, it has offered cost-effective and fully automated reprocessing of instruments with optional oil maintenance. The validated process ensures that every instrument is properly cleaned with each reprocessing cycle3. DAC Universal does not require any additional chemical cleaning agents but uses only demineralized water to reprocess dental instruments - a feature that is environmentally friendly and helps to protect the instruments and potentially prolong their durability. Cleaning, thermal disinfection and optional lubrication: The fully compliant and automated reprocessing cycle only takes around 15 minutes. All steps are standardized and fully automated at the touch of a button, minimizing application errors as far as possible.

Positive user feedback

Users particularly appreciate the simple operation and short reprocessing cycles of DAC Universal. "Thanks to the active cooling of the device, the instruments are quickly available again. So, my team has significantly more time for our patients," explains Dr. Sven Schmitt from Schriesheim, Germany. The instruments can also always be reprocessed safely. This delivers a high level of reprocessing quality that is reproducible and cannot be achieved with manual reprocessing. Documentation and verification likewise run smoothly.

Dentsply Sirona considers that a reprocessing unit must offer the utmost infection control and safety down to the last detail. "The DAC Universal product family achieves this," says Max Milz, Group Vice President Connected Technology Solutions at Dentsply Sirona. "Its bactericidal, mycobactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness, along with the fully virucidal effect of thermal disinfection has been validated by a laboratory study4. The latest DAC Universal units represent Dentsply Sirona's response to the needs of dental practices, providing confidence in instrument reprocessing to meet handling, documentation, and hygiene workflow requirements."

(1) Schnieder L, Seekamp-Schnieder K: Cleaning of dental handpieces: Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience database analysis and evaluation of in-use testing of manual and automated cleaning processes, JADA Foundational Science, Volume 3, 2024, 100030, ISSN 2772-414X,

(2) SMP GmbH Prüfen Validieren Forschen, Tuebingen, Germany

(3) Validated via DIN EN ISO 17665-1:2006:11

(4) A summary of the study is available on request from Dentsply Sirona, contact: [email protected].