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05/30/2020 | News release | Distributed by Public on 05/30/2020 15:25

Justice For Floyd

The World Boxing Association family is horrified by the murder of the American George Floyd, and dismayed by the violence that this has unleashed in several cities in the United States.

To quote Martin Luther King in his memorable 'I have a dream' speech, it is time for justice to be done. It is time to insist on values of equality, freedom and respect that make us better human beings.

Our skin color, our religious beliefs or politics, our nationality, our sexual condition or preference, our education or social status, cannot continue to divide us the way they have divided us so far, leading us to commit atrocious, inhuman and senseless acts.

The tough lesson of the Covid-19 virus during all this time; famine that continues to devastate entire populations; inequality; forced immigration and the desolate reaction of several countries; the consequences of climate change; and these expressions of unnecessary violence due to racism and discrimination, should not only call us to deep reflection, but above all to decisive action for a better world for the great human race that we are.

Today we pray for Floyd's soul, and for all the innocent lives that have been unjustly taken because of racism, discrimination, injustice, war, crime, hunger or simple evil.

We call for peace and a fraternal embrace among all. As sports teach us, let us all be equal in the arena, and act as one to achieve victory.