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“The mobile phone has become much more than just a telephone”, José Manuel Maestro

How long have you been with Telefónica and what is your assessment of your time here?

I have been with Telefónica since 13 June 2022 (the date of my mother's birthday), so that's two reasons why 13 June is a very important date in my life.

Is there any project at Telefónica that you are particularly proud or satisfied with?

I am very satisfied with the projects we are deploying with Zoom Phone as they are the first we are doing at TCCT and I hope they will be the seed for many more.

What do you think Telefónica has contributed to society?

Communication between people with all that this means. Today we may have the prospect of business communications, emails, data etc… but we can't forget that phone call from one of our own.

Where do you see Telefónica in the future?

Being a benchmark both as a service provider and as a company that takes care of the people who make it up.

Could you live without a mobile phone?

With a period of adaptation, yes. The mobile phone has become much more than a telephone and this affects many aspects of daily life. With the necessary reorganisation I think, I could.

Help us solve one of humanity's great enigmas: the potato omelette… With onion or without onion?

With, always with. Can you say that there are two kinds of people, those who prefer the omelette with onions and those who don't know what they are missing?

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