KazTransOil JSC

08/31/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 08/31/2023 03:39

KazTransOil JSC has completed the replacement of sections of the main oil pipeline Uzen - Atyrau - Samara in the border zone of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian[...]

KazTransOil JSC carried out work on connecting the newly constructed sections of the pipeline of the main oil pipeline Uzen - Atyrau - Samara Ø720 mm at 1190.4 - 1235.4 km and the acceptance point at 1235 km.

To connect the replaced sections of the pipeline with a total length of 45 km, a scheduled shutdown of the Uzen-Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline was required at the Atyrau-Samara section for 72 hours. All technical work was completed on time, in compliance with the requirements of industrial safety and labor protection.

188 employees of the Mangystau, Atyrau, Aktobe and Pavlodar oil pipeline departments, as well as employees of the operation department of KazTransOil JSC and the main dispatching department of the branch Oil Transportation Control Center of KazTransOil JSC were involved in the activities to connect sections of the oil pipeline after reconstruction. The number of equipment involved is 78.

Due to the fact that the work was carried out on the territory bordering the Russian Federation, the Atyrau Oil Pipeline Department agreed with Transneft-Privolga JSC on the work plan for connecting the site, and all the necessary documents for the passage and performance of work of special equipment, transportation of equipment and personnel of KazTransOil JSC to the territory of a neighboring state, taking into account the regime of the border zone of the state border.

The replacement of a section of the Uzen-Atyrau-Samara main oil pipeline was carried out in accordance with the business plan of KazTransOil JSC for 2020-2024 and is aimed at ensuring reliable and trouble-free oil transportation.

The Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline is the second largest export of Kazakh oil to the world market. Oil is delivered through the Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline and further through the Transneft system to the Baltic terminal of Ust-Luga and the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk. In 2023, KazTransOil JSC began to supply Kazakh oil through the Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline and further through the system of main oil pipelines of Transneft PJSC in the direction of the Adamova Zastava oil delivery point for further delivery to Germany. At the same time, through the Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline, further through the Tuymazy-Omsk-Novosibirsk-2 (TON-2) oil pipeline, Kazakh oil is supplied to Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP.

In 2022, a total of 9 million 438 thousand tons of Kazakh oil was transported through the Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline