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06/01/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/31/2021 20:14

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Offshore Engineering Center at Maritime Technology Innovation Center: Establishing a National Testing site, Cultivating Domestic Research Capacity

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 27, 2021, to celebrate the construction of the Offshore Engineering Center at Maritime Technology Innovation Center (MTIC), which is the first deep-water basin for the national offshore engineering and underwater technology development. Measuring up to the international benchmark of laboratories, the deep-water basin is capable of simulating the actual marine environment with different wind, wave and current conditions to provide the offshore wind power industry diversified services. In line with the third stage of offshore wind power zonal development strategy, this center is expected to be an important base of testing, training and R&D, in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also expected to assist relevant sectors to generate over 50 billion NTD in output value.

The Offshore Engineering Center is the second phase construction of the 'Maritime Technology Innovation Center (MTIC),' which is part of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program. The Chief Secretary Chen Yi-ling of Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Mayor Chen Chi-mai of Kaohsiung City, Director General Yu Cheng-wei of Bureau of Energy (BOE), and Chairman Lin Ren-yi of Metal Industries Research and Development Centre (MIRDC), participated in this groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the first national deep-water basin.

Measuring up to the international benchmark of laboratories, the deep-water basin can provide the offshore wind power industry diversified services, such as underwater equipment testing and calibration, underwater structure inspection and maintenance simulation training, and underwater vehicle driver training etc. Moreover, in line with the third stage of offshore wind power blockchain development strategy, the center helps to build the R&D capacity of both domestic and international maritime engineering and testing, as well as underwater technology, and connect with the maritime technology industries to achieve localization of technology.

In order to promote energy transition, MOEA has actively expanded the promotion of renewable energy. MOEA plans for renewables to account for 20 % of total power generation by 2025. According to the 'Four-year Wind Power Promotion Plan,' the 5.7GW target for offshore wind power will be achieved by 2025. Through three-phased promotion of 'demonstration rewards,' 'potential sites,' and 'block development,' the development of relating domestic industries and technology can also be facilitated.

As a major industrial city in Taiwan, there is a complete industrial supply chain in Kaohsiung. Coupled with transportation advantages of the port, the city has great potential to develop related industries of offshore wind power. Corresponding with Taiwan's offshore wind power development agenda and technical requirements, MOEA has introduced the construction plan of MTIC. The first phase, which includes Human Resource Training and Accreditation Center and Marine Technology R&D Center, was officially launched in January, 2021. The Offshore Engineering Center integrates the resources and energy of the industry and academia at MTIC to provide talent cultivation and technology development, as well as marine environment simulation; moreover, it is also the last piece of puzzle for Taiwan's research and development energy in the areas of sea, harbor, and river engineering.

Lastly, MOEA explained that, through the cooperation between the central government and Kaohsiung City, MTIC is able to connect the energy of industry, government, academia and research in southern Taiwan. This attracts both domestic and foreign industries relating to offshore wind power, finally forming a new maritime industrial cluster. It also brings more job opportunities to the city, and drives the innovative transition of local industries, setting a win-win example of the joint promotion of green energy by central and local governments.

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