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05/13/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/13/2024 04:54

2024 DLA Hall of Fame inductee: Carol O’Leary


Editor's Note: This is one of five stories featuring 2024 DLA Hall of Fame inductees. An induction ceremony will be held 2 p.m. May 21 at the McNamara Headquarters Complex auditorium on Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The ceremony is open to all DLA employees; invitations are not needed.

Carol O'Leary made a name for herself transitioning Defense Logistics Agency Energy's business model for the military services' bulk petroleum needs, earning her a place in the 2024 DLA Hall of Fame.

O'Leary was the financial lead and advocate for a phase of a comprehensive mission for Defense Department bulk petroleum that eased the organization from a wholesale fuel business to a retail business. This was a significant event because it meant DLA Energy owned all bulk petroleum from the point of purchase until it's issued to the aircraft, ship or ground equipment, according to the award nomination.

She also helped transfer funding to sustain and modernize fuel facilities from the military services to DLA and transfer the quality assurance mission from the Defense Contract Management Agency to DLA.

"The transfers, transitions and new DLA Energy missions for which Ms. O'Leary advocated not only changed the way DLA Energy does business, but also helped justify DLA Energy's existence as a major subordinate command and cemented the command's importance to the warfighter," the nomination noted.

As a financial expert, O'Leary supported expanding DLA Energy's natural gas and electricity missions to help DOD and federal agencies avoid paying higher energy utility. Expanding the two missions also pushed DLA Energy's role beyond petroleum procurement, enhancing the agency's ability to support diverse energy needs.

Over her 50-year federal career - 40 at DLA - O'Leary influenced employees as a trusted financial advisor and leader, the nomination added. She was known to encourage employees to expand their vision, push the envelope and resist getting stale in their jobs by getting out of their comfort zones.

"Even though her sage advice was often in high demand, her door was always open," according to the nomination. "She was never too busy to talk to anyone who wanted her guidance about any number of subjects ranging from budget issues to personnel issues to cross-training opportunities."

O'Leary concluded her career as director of DLA Finance for Energy in 2014 and was inducted into the DLA Energy Hall of Fame in 2018.