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5 creative ways to use 100% chocolate in your cooking

Bring flavour depth and intensity to your favourite dishes with irresistible 100% cacao chocolate

We all know that chocolate is the perfect treat for when your sweet tooth makes an appearance. But we're also no strangers to cooking savoury dishes with chocolate either. Chocolate with 100% cacao solids is the secret ingredient you didn't know you were missing! With no added sugar to mask its nuanced notes, 100% chocolate is brimming with flavour - it's cacao at its finest.

Read on for some of our favourite ways to cook savoury 100% chocolate dishes.


Cooking with 100% chocolate

Whether you're a home cook looking for something new to try or a professional chef looking to add depth to your menu, 100% chocolate can open up a world of possibilities.

1. Add a few squares to your chilli or stew

Whilst it may seem unusual, adding chocolate to a savoury dish can be a real game-changer for your everyday meals. Dark chocolate has such a full-bodied, intense flavour that it has been a common ingredient for centuries in recipes looking to create a bold, impactful taste.

In Mexican recipes, dark chocolate is a popular base for authentic mole sauce - the foundation for many stews and chillis. Cacao-rich mole also makes a delicious marinade for meats like chicken.

Just like red wine, 100% dark chocolate is a great ingredient to bring out depth and variety from a recipe. Not only does it create a beautiful colour contrast when added to chilli or stews, but it also provides an unmistakable richness that can elevate any recipe.

The best 100% chocolate has complex flavours, ranging from smoky and earthy to sweet and nutty. This makes it ideal for balancing out the other ingredients in soups and chilli. To begging experimenting with savoury chocolate dishes, start small - add a few squares (or a couple of spoonfuls of our 100% Dark Hot Chocolate flakes). Stir them into the stew as it cooks and give it a taste. From there you can decide whether to add a little more.

2. Bake some 100% chocolate muffins

Need a little chocolate pick-me-up for the day? 100% chocolate muffins are the perfect way to satisfy your craving without overloading on sugar. More cacao, less sugar has always been our mantra at Hotel Chocolat, and our 100% range exemplifies it beautifully.

Chocolate lovers will delight in the rich, dark flavour of these decadent delights from Beaming Baker. Not only are these muffins vegan and gluten-free (they use gluten-free oat flour in place of wheat flour), but they're also free from refined sugar.

Beaming Baker's recipe uses unsweetened cocoa powder. However, we recommend adding some roughly chopped 100% Dark Chocolate Batons to add a varied texture and pops of rich, melt-in-the-mouth flavour.

Whilst these muffins are not as sweet as your regular chocolate chip muffin, they are guaranteed to have a full-bodied, rich flavour that you won't feel so naughty to indulge in!


3. Drizzle over baked figs

One of the best ways to get your daily dose of antioxidants is by drizzling 100% chocolate on fresh, baked figs. A slightly healthier twist on a chocolate snack, 100% chocolate drizzled on figs makes for a simple and delicious treat that's not too savoury, and not too sweet.

This is a simple and delicious recipe that combines the sweetness and rich flavour of chocolate with the natural sweetness and texture of fresh figs.

  • To make it, slice fresh figs in half and place them on a baking tray.
  • Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and fresh rosemary.
  • If you want to bring out the fruit's natural sweetness, you can add a pinch of sugar, too.
  • Let the figs cook for 20 minutes at 180℃ (gas mark 6).
  • Meanwhile, melt some 100% chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave.
  • Once the figs are ready, drizzle the chocolate over them and enjoy.

For a quick afternoon snack or a special dessert after dinner, this unique pairing may be just what you need! 100% cacao gives it a rich flavour, and figs add a subtle sweetness that bring out the best in each other.

4. Create a savoury chocolate sauce

When you think of chocolate sauce, you may think of a chocolate fountain or fondue - a sumptuous sweet drizzle over strawberries or marshmallows. But think again. Not only can 100% chocolate make for a decadent savoury chocolate sauce for a variety of tasty meals, but it can also make for a flavoursome marinade.

A savoury chocolate sauce can include chilli peppers, cumin, or other spices, rather than the sweet ingredients typically used in chocolate sauce.

It's 100% chocolate, so you're instantly adding a level of rich, decadent flavour that compliments nearly everything. From topping off succulent summer squash or drizzling over juicy roasted pork, its sweet yet balanced entrée possibilities are truly endless. Whether it is hot or cold, classic or innovative, this indulgence adds a delightful complexity that will impress any dinner guest.

Plus, it's incredibly easy to make. Just simmer your favourite type of chocolate with herbs and spices of your choice, and you're good to go. Savoury chocolate sauces are a delicious way to add something special to the average plate.

5. Try a dark chocolate vinaigrette

Dark chocolate vinaigrette is a tasty and healthy addition to any dish. It delivers the delicious flavour of 100% unsweetened cocoa powder with a mild, but unmistakable, tartness.

By blending 6 tablespoons of oil (olive is best) with 6 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and 50g of melted 100% chocolate, you'll have enough vinaigrette for eight servings. Add a pinch of ground black pepper and half a teaspoon of salt, then stir in two teaspoons of honey or agave syrup to bring a hint of sweetness.

Drizzle over a plate of fresh salad leaves, feta cubes, cherry tomatoes, and pear for a light and delicious combination of flavours.


High-quality 100% chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

When it comes to using chocolate in cooking, only the best will do. At Hotel Chocolat, all of our 100% chocolate is made with the finest ingredients, with no added preservatives or additives.

Add intensity and depth to your savoury chocolate recipes with our 100% Chocolate Batons for smoky notes and intricate flavours.