Government of the Republic of Montenegro

04/13/2024 | Press release | Archived content

DPM Bečić meets delegation of NATO PA’s Defence and Security Committee

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksa Bečić met with a delegation of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Defence and Security Committee during their official visit to Montenegro.

The meeting with the delegation and parliamentarians from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Croatia provided another opportunity to convey a message of unity and solidarity.

Montenegro is taking significant steps towards achieving the historic goal of becoming the 28th member of the European Union by 2028. Despite being the smallest, Montenegro is a highly credible member of the North Atlantic Alliance. Montenegro contributes to regional cooperation and stability. Therefore, we witness a continuous increase in support from citizens for the country's European and Euro-Atlantic path. The uncompromising fight against organised crime and corruption, strengthening institutions, democratic maturity, and the enhancement of freedoms, as well as the easing of tensions and improving the standard of living, are finally the key issues in our society that overcome the issues of the past, divisions, and the legacy of the 1990s. I am pleased that at every step, we affirm these policies and values because the victory of these policies domestically, coupled with dedication to foreign policy priorities, guarantees a legally secure, economically empowered, reconciled, and secure Montenegro, emphasised the Deputy Prime Minister.

Deputy Chair Gutierrez, among other things, emphasised, "Our goal must be to preserve unity in these challenging times. We all in our alliance share and protect the same values,'' he concluded.