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04/09/2024 | News release | Distributed by Public on 04/10/2024 01:35

Introducing New JKU Professors at the Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences

Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Gudrun Mikota conducts research and holds academic lectures at the JKU's Institute of Machine Design and Fluid Power.

Prof. Mikota; photo credit: personal

We spoke with her about what she loves about her field of research and what she would still like to accomplish.

What is your area of research?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: I conduct research in the field of fluid technology, particularly in hydraulic drive technology.

What exactly is it about?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: My research involves the functional capability and energy efficiency of drives used in excavators, wheel loaders, forestry machines, track processing machines, presses and polymer machines as well as hydraulic units in steel and rolling mills, on tractors, municipal vehicles and in rescue equipment.

Why did you decide to come to the JKU?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: In Austria, the JKU has the largest emphasis in this area.

What do you find fascinating about this area of research?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: There's still plenty to explore and invent in this area.

Why is this research even necessary, meaning how will it improve our lives?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: Whenever extremely powerful forces are required, fluid power drives support excavating, hydraulic lifting, and compression. Research in fluid technology today not only focuses primarily on improving efficiency, it is also about new applications to support sustainable construction and renovation, as well as low-impact processing in agriculture and forestry.

Why should students take your classes?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: I teach key fundamentals in the field and I introduce intriguing applications in the area of conventional mechanical engineering.

What are you currently working on?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: I am currently working on a hydraulic valve to help adjust pressure levels while also minimizing any loss.

What are your hobbies?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: My hobbies include hiking and picking fruit.

What else do you want to do or accomplish in your life?
Univ. Prof. Gudrun Mikota: I would like to better understand the parameters needed to support sustainable management and be able to put them into practice as part of the work I do.

Univ. Prof. Mikota's inaugural lecture will take place on May 6 - click here, opens a fileto learn more; click here to learn more about the Institute of Machine Design and Fluid Power.