Haines Borough, AK

08/29/2019 | Press release | Archived content

Mandatory Water Restriction Still in Effect (Updated 9-10-19)

9-10-19: No change to the below. Please continue to conserve water and refrain from using sprinklers.


  • The mandatory water restriction is ongoing.
  • Please conserve unnecessary water use - no use of sprinklers but hand-watering gardens is OK.
  • There is NO boil water notice in place, Borough water is safe to drink and continues to meet all AEDC standards.
  • We have NO PLANS to shut down portions of town.
  • Your water may be restricted if the Borough has identified leaks on your property. Several water consumers with significant, known leaks have been restricted and the water levels continue to rebound due to such restriction.
  • Please report any noticed leaks.
  • A long term solution is in the works.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please continue to conserve.

8-12-19 (afternoon):
On Sunday the Haines Borough brought in a civil engineer to examine the water transmission line issue. Due to the low water level, the line is going uphill. The lake is a few feet below the line's highest spot, the intake. The Borough is researching options for replacing or lowering the line.

Currently, water is being manually pumped from Lily Lake into the line. Today staff worked on getting the pumps set up to operate around the clock. The Borough has been in communication with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and we are meeting requirements for safe drinking water.

The water/sewer plant supervisor does NOT anticipate shutting down sections of town. He notes the areas of Small Tracts Road, FAA Road, and Mud Bay Road are likely most vulnerable to a drop in water pressure that would lead to a boil water notice. NO areas are under a boil water notice at this time.

Lily Lake Road has been closed due to heavy equipment use, even late at night. Please stay off the road for your own safety. Thank you for your cooperation.

8-12-19 (morning):
We've received a few questions on the mandatory water restriction that prohibits 'ALL outdoor sprinkler use, including for lawns AND gardens.' Watering of gardens is still allowed by hand or drip irrigation.

The Haines Borough has updated its mandatory water restriction to include ALL outdoor sprinkler use, including for lawns AND gardens. Thank you.