The Finnish Defence Forces

03/12/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/12/2024 07:03

Production of the Finnish Defence Forces March to Seven Wonders finalist in event industry competition

The 2023 March to Seven Wonders tour of the military music sector has been selected as a finalist in the social events category of the event competition Evento Awards.

The March to Seven Wonders tour was a masterpiece by the Defence Forces' military music sector that lifted the global tattoo tradition to a new level: the result was a massive and impressive performance with over 300 musicians, especially for children and young people, combining musical theatre, figure march and video games in seven cities. The Finnish Defence Forces organised school demonstrations for schools and group teachers in the area. Over 11,000 schoolchildren saw the free performance.

The purpose of the tour was to promote a positive employer image, promote the will to defend the country and increase awareness of Finnish conscription and the diverse activities of the Finnish Defence Forces. The purpose of the tour was to reach young people and highlight different options for military service, as well as to inform them about the Defence Forces' diverse tasks and careers. In addition, experiences and things to think about were offered; There is a strength in doing things together; Culture and music are important contributors to well-being and; Music can also become a profession in the military.

The bands consisted of the Guards Band, the Navy Band, the Dragoon Band, the Lapland Military Band, the Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces and the Air Force Big Band, the reservists' drum group, the Rauma Boys' Band and the Kotka Youth Orchestra and the Hamina Youth Orchestra. The opening number featured local youth orchestras with over a thousand musicians. The roles included students of the musical theatre programme at Tampere University of Applied Sciences and professional actors. The costume design was carried out by the Fashion and Costume Department of the Southeast Finland University of Applied Sciences. Most of the tour was carried out by the conscripts and personnel of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Working group
Artistic Director: Pasi-Heikki Mikkola
Screenplay by Samuel Harjanne, Jack Johansson and Petrus Kähkönen
Directed by Samuel Harjanne and Petrus Kähkönen
Music composed by Timo Forsström
Song composition and lyrics by Onni Lonka
Lighting and video design Toni Haaranen
Sound design Raine Kasper
Producers Ruusa Hilakari, Petri Junna, Marjo Riihimäki (2022)

Works that are suitable for the social event competition series are events that focus on charity or other socially significant events that promote good and that are organised by a public body, a company or a third sector, for example. The purpose of the event may be to raise money for a good cause or to promote other socially important values and actions.

The evaluation criteria emphasise profitability and impact, as well as social, ecological and economic responsibility for the implementation of the event. The winner will be announced on April 11.