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09/14/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 09/14/2022 09:09

2022 National Voter Registration Day

At Meta, we are committed to providing people with voice and empowering people to vote. We are continuing to focus on providing reliable election information and connecting people with details about voter registration. As a government, political or nonprofit organization, you can help people learn about registering to vote on National Voter Registration Day.

National Voter Registration Day is on September 20, and we are encouraging people to register to vote and post about why voting is important to them.

On Facebook, people will be directed to non-partisan, off-platform voter registration information, such as their state government website.

On Instagram, we're launching custom-designed "Register to Vote" and "I Registered to Vote" stickers in English and Spanish in the Stories tray. People who tap on them while viewing a story will be connected to accurate voting information for their state. As well, during the week leading up to Election Day, we'll feature our custom "Vote" and "I Voted" designs in English and Spanish at the top of the Stories stickers section. Using them is as simple as selecting any other sticker on IG, and placing it on your Story.

On Election Day, we'll launch our "Vote!" multi-author story. That's a special collection of stories from people you follow who've used one of our election stickers. You'll see them gathered in one place at the top of your Stories tray - and your followers will see yours included too.

For more information and tools, visit our US election hub.