The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

04/26/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 04/27/2021 03:23

Police officers saved Astrakhan resident from reckless act

On the afternoon of April 24, the internal affairs authorities received a report that an unknown person had penetrated the territory of the broadcasting station located in the village of Tambovka, climbed the tower and threatened to jump down. Law enforcement and emergency services immediately arrived at the scene.

Eduard Eremeyev, the Chief of the MIA of Russia Division for the Harabalinsky District, and his deputies, Yerken Mendagaziev and Samat Sidagaliyev, immediately entered into negotiations with the young man. For several hours, the police were persuading him by telephone not to commit a rash act. The height of the antenna-mast structure, which he climbed, was more than 200 meters. The situation was complicated by a strong wind.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Police Yerken Mendagaziev managed to convince the 27-year-old local resident to come down. He was handed over to doctors for examination and rendering the necessary assistance. Fortunately, the Astrakhan resident was not injured.

Pictured is police Lt. Colonel Yerken Mendagaziev.