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Radio interview - The Fox 101.9 Melbourne with Fifi, Fev and Nick

HOST: Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese. Welcome to Melbourne's number one FM breakfast show.

ANTHONY ALBANESE, PRIME MINISTER: Congratulations on number one. And for goodness sake, someone get these people a capo.

HOST: Albo, is there any chance, could we get a police escort for this capo? Because we have a superstar, Stephen Sanchez, about to perform.

PRIME MINISTER: Well, I am on my way to Melbourne, so if anyone in Sydney has got a capo, if you can get to the airport, it'll get a ride.

HOST: No, we don't want Sydney's capos. We'll have our own, thanks.

HOST: Now, Prime Minister, you are on your way to Melbourne. And you have a very big announcement that you have been saving to make on our show. So, for everybody listening, what is this big announcement for our state?

PRIME MINISTER: We certainly do. Which is today, I'm going to the opening of the new cancer centre there in Melbourne. And we will be, as well, providing significant funds, $12 million through the Budget for scanning technology. This scanner is able to detect small lesions. It means that cancers can be caught sooner. We all know that cancer is something that's affected someone we love or someone we know. And this piece of technology will be vital for saving lives, but it will also cut wait times for Victorians there who need a PET or a CT scan.

HOST: Geez, that's good, isn't it?

HOST: Yes, that is. I mean, detection is so important and you said that the scanners. I think that's what we're all, everybody just wants an easier or quicker, more efficient way of finding out before, obviously, getting to a later stage. So, that is great news and great to hear.

PRIME MINISTER: A title that Australia doesn't want but what we've got is we are the skin cancer capital of the world. And, you know, that's the reverse of being the number one radio station, basically.

HOST: We are standing here with a redhead with pale skin. So, he gets it.

HOST: Mate, I'm getting burnt and it's indoors, Albo.

PRIME MINISTER Well, I was in Sunbury a little while ago at a child care centre there. So, shout out to the child care centre that welcomed us in with Sam Rae just a few months ago.

HOST: Well, we're here at the Sunbury Club, at a bowls club. Albo, are you into bowls? How do you go with the lawn bowls?

PRIME MINISTER: Bowls clubs are always good. I did okay. I had a crack down at Frankston. I didn't embarrass myself. And the fact that you didn't see it on TVs is evidence of that. They always get pollies to do things so we look silly. Remember John Howard's bowling?

HOST: How can we forget?

HOST: It is the background on my phone?

PRIME MINISTER: So, I went okay.

HOST: So, what else is going on, Albo? You're coming down to Melbourne, God's country. How are we looking? How's Australia looking, mate?

PRIME MINISTER: Look, it's been a tough week. That's the truth.

HOST: It's been a tough week.

PRIME MINISTER: It's been really tough. It's less than a week now since the tragedy at Bondi Junction. Six innocent people losing their lives, going about shopping on a Saturday arvo. So, Sydney is certainly still grieving, but I think the whole country is as well. And there'll be a big vigil at Bondi Beach on Sunday night. And I think that will be huge. Amongst all this tragedy, though, there are those great stories of the heroes. Inspector Amy Scott racing towards danger and taking down the perpetrator here and saving lives. And other volunteers, just ordinary people in that shopping centre. A bollard man, as he's become known, Damien Guerot.

HOST: The Frenchman.

PRIME MINISTER: Yes. Standing at the top of escalators with a bollard, stopping him getting forward. So, at the worst of times, we always see the best of humanity. And we saw that last Saturday.

HOST: Is it true, Prime Minister, also, I think you have granted citizenship to the security guard that he might not have had citizenship? Is that what's happened?

PRIME MINISTER: Yes, well, permanent residency. The visa was about to run out. So, we have done that. And also Mr Taha, we're dealing with as well. He was the security guard who was working there. And he's injured, he's still in hospital from the wounds that he suffered. And we're dealing with his case as well in a very sympathetic manner because I think that's what Australians would want. These people have shown themselves to be certainly not just of good character, but brave and extraordinary people.

HOST: Absolutely.

HOST: Now, Albo, you did say congratulations to us on being the number one listened to station all over Melbourne. I just want to congratulate you too. You earlier this week surpassed Harold Holt's tenure in office. So, congratulations. Just don't go for a swim at Portsea.

PRIME MINISTER: No, no, I'll avoid that. I'm still somewhat stunned. When I was going to Melbourne and passed one day the Harold Holt Swimming Pool, I always thought that was a poor taste joke. But there is one.

HOST: There is.

HOST: Well, Prime Minister, thank you so much for joining us on the show. And you will be happy to know, Prime Minister, as everybody in Melbourne is, we have found ourselves a capo for Stephen Sanchez.

HOST: No way.

PRIME MINISTER: That is very quick. Congratulations.

HOST: It is. And a big shout out to Andrew and Bec Baxter. They're on their way. The police escort's in place. So, Prime Minister, I think you lifted some weight today.

PRIME MINISTER: If they're not citizens, we'll fix them up, too.

HOST: Hey, Albo, and if you go past clocks at Flinders Street, I've got a statue there now. Go get a photo with it.

PRIME MINISTER: I'll do that. I'll do that, mate. And I'll post it.

HOST: Thanks, mate.

HOST: Thank you, Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

PRIME MINISTER: See you guys.