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Speak Up About Redistricting


The Los Angeles Redistricting Commission is currently in the process of redrawing the City Council District lines for the City. Valley Village is configured in the K2.5 map under consideration to be in district 3 which places us in the far eastern portion of this new council district combined with the West Valley communities of Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana and Woodland Hills. Under the existing map, Valley Village is in the East Valley, District 2, represented by Paul Krekorian.

Saturday, October 16 provides a good opportunity to weigh in on the redistricting of Valley Village before the Redistricting Commission votes on its Final Map, as the Commission will be discussing the San Fernando Valley, Region 4. If the Commission keeps the present plan for District 4 or 2, Valley Village would no longer remain in District 2 or 4; one district would get a Councilmember they never voted for, while the other district loses the Councilmember they voted for just last year!

Either Councilmember Nithya Raman or Councilmember Paul Krekorian will be moved to a new District in the West of the 405 (4-OR-2); while the other serves in an unwieldy new hybrid District - roughly 60 percent of current District 2 in the East Valley and roughly 29 percent of Councilmember Raman's District 4 including Toluca Lake and the Hollywood Hills (2-OR-4).

NCVV is asking you to contact the Commission by phone, email or Zoom during the remaining public meetings (see schedule and contact information below) regarding how you feel about moving Valley Village out of our current District 2, and the communities of interest we have collaborated with for the past two decades. If the Zoom room is full, phone in or try again in half an hour. Many people disconnect after they comment.

You can use the talking points found in the NCVV motion presented to the Commission on October 13th:

NCVV opposes the configuration of Valley Village on map K2.5. We urge that the Redistricting Commission place Valley Village in a council district with North Hollywood and other long standing adjacent communities of interest such as Studio City and Valley Glen who share issues important to our stakeholders such as our North Hollywood/Valley Village Community Plan, the Red and Orange Lines, similar businesses and commerce, core public schools, and the robust southeast San Fernando Valley Arts Community. All city services for our community (fire, police, DWP, Library) and services for Valley Village/North Hollywood Park originate in North Hollywood. We have worked collaboratively with adjacent communities to address quality of life issues, especially in our response to the unhoused, and with our neighboring communities we represent an ethnically diverse area within the City of LA. Therefore, for these and many other sound reasons Valley Village should remain joined with our neighboring communities.

Public Meeting of Redistricting Commission
Saturday, October 16, 2021, 10:00 AM
Meeting ID No.: 161 545 4787
Or call 1-669-254-5252 or 833 568 8864 (Toll Free)
Use Meeting ID No. 161 545 4787.
Press #, and Press # again when prompted for participant ID.

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