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06/10/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/10/2021 05:58

Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents plans for Global Estonians

Yesterday 9 June, the Cooperation Commission for Global Estonians convened to hear the Ministry of Foreign Affairs present its Global Estonians action plan for 2021. The Foreign Ministry also gave an overview of drafting the programme for Global Estonians.

'The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers it very important for Estonians abroad to be more engaged with and help advance life in Estonia - people of Estonian origin across the world are an integral part of the development of Estonian language, culture and economy, and Estonia's future,' Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets, who chairs the commission, said.

'I am happy to note that our people abroad wish to remain connected to Estonia and contribute to the development of the country,' Liimets added. 'I am more than certain that when people and the state work together, we can achieve great things. I have many positive experiences from my time as a diplomat when we carried out successful projects to support Estonian culture and companies in the United States with the local Estonian community and friends of Estonia. Estonia is grateful to all enthusiasts who have taken part in this cooperation over the years.'

It was the first meeting of the cooperation commission in an extended composition, led by the foreign minister and the Foreign Ministry, following a change in the management of the area earlier this year. The commission would like its work to focus more on analysing, developing and monitoring the implementation of the diaspora policy.

To this end, Marin Mõttus will join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in August as the Ambassador at Large for Global Estonians. Mõttus has previously worked as the Estonian ambassador in Ankara and Lisbon and has headed the Asia and Africa Division of the Policy Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has also been committed to advancing Estonian language and culture through the years, working as an Estonian teacher and translating Spanish literature into Estonian.

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