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Energy: ENEA attended RD20 international conference in Japan

Energy: ENEA attended RD20 international conference in Japan

26 October 2023 Last Updated: 26 October 2023

ENEA general director Giorgio Graditi attended the fifth international RD20 conference in Japan focused on clean energy technologies and carbon neutrality.

At the "Leaders' Session", Graditi illustrated to representatives of the main research institutes of the G20 countries the leading cutting-edge technologies and projects in the energy field ENEA is working at to jump-start the energy transition and net-zero climate impact.

"Events like this are are crucial to learn about cutting-edge technologies and research initiatives in the G20 countries and contribute, in a perspective of international collaboration, to promoting decarbonisation of the energy and economic systems at a global scale", pointed out Giorgio Graditi.

"The summit is also an opportunity to enhance excellence in research institutes operating in the green technologies sector and explore and strengthen the potential for international collaboration to pursue internationally shared goals," said Graditi. "For this reason - he said - ENEA will give its contribution in the session organized by RD20 at the COP28 which will be held in Dubai next December".

Maria Valenti, head of the ENEA Smart Grid and Energy Networks Laboratory, also participated in the "Technical Session: Applications and impacts of H2 for decarbonization of energy sectors and for power to X" presenting the two projects under way as part of the Program Agreement signed with the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security in the context of Mission Innovation: "Multivector Integrated Smart Systems and Intelligent Microgrids for accelerating the energy transition" at the ENEA Research Center in Portici (Naples) and "Hydrogen demo Valley - Multifunctional infrastructures for experimentation and demonstration of hydrogen technologies" at the Casaccia Research Center (Rome).