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Organic waste recycling

The method behind the mulch
Preventing food from being wasted is ideal, but if you end up with something that's gone bad or you have food scraps leftover, the city's organic waste recycling program will turn food and yard clippings into compost and mulch, giving them new life.

  • The city uses the compost and mulch clippings to landscape parks.
  • The materials also help capture and store carbon in the soil to prevent it from entering the atmosphere.
  • Residents can pick up free compost and mulch anytime at the Palomar Transfer Station (just east of El Camino Real off Faraday).

We'll be giving away compost and mulch this Saturday at Pine Park, as part of our annual Earth Month celebration (more on both below).

In addition to the benefits of using compost and mulch, diverting food scraps from landfills has another important benefit. That's because food rotting in landfills produces significant greenhouse gas emissions.

How you can help
Our community is getting the hang of organic waste recycling with more than 46,000 tons collected since we started the program. Here's how it works:

  • Collect your food scraps in a kitchen caddy, then transfer them to your green cart on trash day. Carlsbad residents can pick up a free caddy (and compost and mulch) from Republic Services.

Kitchen caddy pickup
Monday through Saturday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Palomar Transfer Station
5960 El Camino Real

You can also call Republic Services at 760-332-6464 or email them to request a caddy.

  • Put all food and yard scraps in your green compost cart. This includes coffee filters, tea bags and food-soiled papers like napkins, paper towels and greasy pizza boxes, as well as yard waste like grass clippings, leaves, branches and plants. Here's a video that highlights what goes where.
  • What does NOT go in your compost cart? Never put diapers, hygiene products, glass, plastic, oil and grease, pet waste or rocks in your compost cart. Pet waste is one of the bigger problems, so please spread the word to friends and neighbors.

Earth Month Celebration and Compost & Mulch Giveaway
This Saturday, we're hosting an Earth Month celebration at Pine Park, where you can learn more tips and tricks for reducing food waste and living more sustainably. We'll have "how-to" information on:

  • Vegetable pickling
  • Smart food storage tips
  • Making reusable food wraps out of beeswax
  • Growing your own veggies

Earth Month Celebration
Saturday, April 6
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Pine Avenue Community Park
3209 Harding St.

As part of the event, we're also hosting a Compost & Mulch Giveaway using some of the material created through the organics recycling program.

Compost & Mulch Giveaway
Saturday, April 6
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Carlsbad Senior Center parking lot
799 Pine Ave.

  • You can drive through the Carlsbad Senior Center parking lot to pick up compost and mulch for your spring gardening projects.
  • Prefilled bags will be available (first come, first served), or you can bring your own containers to be filled by Republic Services staff.
  • Republic Services representatives will assist in loading and lifting containers.
  • There is a limit of five 5-gallon buckets for a total of 25 gallons of material for either compost, mulch or a blend of the two.

Want more information about the environment?
Last week we launched a new Sustainable Carlsbad e-newsletter, which offers more tips and ideas for living sustainably, plus links to more in depth information, studies, laws and data. Read the first issue and sign up to receive future newsletters.