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03/15/2019 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/15/2019 07:40

Beacon of Light in the Black Forest


The 333G CTL provides welcome relief to the project. 'I can't overstate how important the John Deere contest is to the people of this community,' observes Mantia. 'Having worked on these projects for five years, I understand the impact a machine like this can have in expediting recovery. It will help us more quickly restore a sense of normalcy to our lives - that's truly meaningful.'

Black Forest Together could never have afforded a piece of equipment like the 333G, according to Mantia. 'I tip my cap to John Deere and their workforce for lending us a hand in catastrophic circumstances. Without their support and that of like-minded corporate and community initiatives, I don't know how a community could do this.'

The 333G is equipped with a forestry package including protective guarding. High winds can break off massive treetops and branches, or 'widow-makers,' and send them plummeting to the ground, which endangers chain-saw workers and other volunteers.

For the attachment, Behnke chose a John Deere mulching head, a powerful tool for taking down burnt timber, mulching huge slash piles, and grinding stumps. 'Before, the process was mostly manual, using chain saws, a chipper, and physical labor,' explains Behnke. 'The first time I used the 333G I could tell how much impact the machine is going to have. It is going to speed up things exponentially. We now have a machine that will greatly accelerate our efforts.'

People are beginning to believe they can finally get the project done, according to Behnke. 'We are starting to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.'

Behnke has been humbled and inspired by the experience. 'I'm really grateful to John Deere for providing this opportunity and to be a part of it. I'm excited to put the equipment to use and help rejuvenate the community. When people come together for a common cause and the common good, they can really make a difference.'


The two Small Machines. Big Impact. contest runners-up received a yearlong lease on a new G-Series Compact Track Loader (CTL), giving their projects the power of a John Deere compact machine.

'We absolutely love the 317G CTL and grapple attachment. It has been a huge assist in hauling gravel and other much-needed supplies to help maintain our trails. It saves our volunteers from a lot of heavy work. It's so easy to use, and we use it for many other different purposes. We can't thank John Deere enough for helping us with this machine. I sure hope Deere has this contest again because it is a wonderful way to show the positive things people can do in their communities.'

- Anita Will, founder and site leader, Whipple Creek Restoration Committee, Ridgefield, Washington. The committee has enlisted volunteers who have donated thousands of hours to revive the 300-acre park.

'The John Deere 325G CTL has been fantastic. It's made all the difference in our efforts toward neighborhood revitalization. Before it arrived, we were using manual labor to demolish structures and prepare building sites. Progress was far too slow. Using the CTL, we've been able to demolish six condemned houses and prepare seven sites. We appreciate John Deere's loan of the CTL tremendously.'

- Jake Pieterse, Chief Operations Officer, West Pasco Habitat for Humanity, New Port Richey, Florida. The chapter has transformed an entire, highly depressed neighborhood to provide families with simple, decent, and affordable homes.