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06/02/2024 | Press release | Archived content

Plumbing teacher Aidan ready for WorldSkills competition - CQUniversity

By Greg Chapman

New CQUniversity Plumbing teacher Aidan Feddersen will experience a bit of déjà vu when he returns to the CQ Regional WorldSkills competitions as a judge in August.

Aidan, a former WorldSkills silver medallist, from his time as a plumbing apprentice in Western Australia, started teaching at CQU's Mackay Ooralea campus in January this year and he's already looking forward to the competition.

"I competed in the regional WorldSkills plumbing competition in WA as an apprentice and placed as a silver medallist. Competing against peers from neighbouring areas was a valuable experience that challenged me and boosted my confidence as a second-year plumbing apprentice," he said.

"This will be my first time serving as a judge. I feel deeply honoured to be part of this competition, especially considering my experience as a competitor."

He said WorldSkills was the perfect opportunity for apprentices throughout the Mackay region - including his own students - to put their skills to the test.

"Apprentices should consider entering the WorldSkills competition to test their skills against peers, gain valuable experience in a competitive environment, and enhance their confidence and capabilities in their trade," he said.

"It's an opportunity to show your talent, receive recognition for your hard work, and potentially open doors to new opportunities in your career. Employers should also encourage their apprentices to compete as it's a great way to network and promote your business through good quality work."

It's this same motivation that led Aidan to transfer to teaching.

"Before becoming a teacher, I started out as a Plumbing apprentice at T&T Plumbing Air con and Gas in Geraldton, WA. There, I learned all the skills needed for plumbing and gas fitting," he said.

"After finishing my apprenticeship, I travelled both in Australia and overseas working on various building and construction projects, including an Aldi construction site, General maintenance work, housing renovations and glass and glazing.

"One particularly memorable experience was charity work where I travelled to Africa and lead a plumbing team to help build a school.

"The opportunity to work with apprentices originated in the glass and glazing industry where teaching sparked my interest. It was during this time that I made the decision to become a teacher and started working directly with apprentices though Progressive Training. Teaching the core units in their first year I facilitated the essential foundations that are crucial for excelling in their respective trades.

"As a teacher, I find joy in guiding future plumbers and providing them with the essential skills to ensure safe plumbing practices within our community. It's truly rewarding to build relationships with apprentices and collaborate with them to help improve and grow their skills and knowledge."

The WorldSkills Plumbing competition will be held 21-22 August. Visit the CQU WorldSkills page for more information on the upcoming competitions.