Gary Palmer

05/10/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/10/2021 18:21

Palmer Commends Governor Kay Ivey for Ending Alabama’s Participation in Federal Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

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Palmer Commends Governor Kay Ivey for Ending Alabama's Participation in Federal Pandemic Unemployment Benefits

Birmingham, AL - Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama has announced that effective June 19, Alabama will no longer participate in all federal unemployment benefits related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Congressman Gary Palmer praised this decision from the governor in his released statement:

'I applaud Governor Ivey for her common-sense decision to end what was always intended to be short-term assistance,' Palmer said. 'Alabama's unemployment rate has stayed notably lower than the national average, and we're at a point where continued dependence on federal assistance will only hinder our recovery. Reopening businesses and getting people back to work are the best solution to the economic crisis of the last year, not indefinite reliance on unemployment benefits. The April Jobs Report showed the national unemployment rate rising again, which reinforces what I have heard from businesses owners - that paying people not to work results in people not willing to work, leaving businesses operating at far less than full capacity. This decision will make it easier for businesses to fully open, and I commend Governor Ivey for taking this step to help our state economy come back stronger than ever.'

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