City and County of San Francisco, CA

09/20/2023 | Press release | Archived content

Employees can request to update their chosen name

The Department of Human Resources (DHR) and the Controller's Office, in collaboration with the Office of Transgender Initiatives, proudly announce the integration of employees' chosen names across all citywide systems. In addition to being shown in all public-facing displays, such as City emails, public administrative systems, ID badges, and MS Teams usernames, City and County of San Francisco employees now have the option to include their chosen names in all internal employee systems such as the employee portal, service now, and other integrated systems.

This represents the next phase of the implementation of DHR's Gender Inclusion Policy and is in alignment with the City's efforts to uphold the dignity, safety, and inclusion for all our City and County employees while retaining a talented and diverse workforce. The City firmly believes everyone who works for or engages with the City and County of San Francisco deserves to feel welcomed and supported, including transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex staff, contractors, and applicants.

For more information on gender inclusion in the workplace, see DHR's Gender Inclusion webpage.