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Vocal, Inc.'s Reg CF Round Attracts $500K of Interest in Less Than Seven Days

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Creatd, Inc. announces that its subsidiary Vocal, Inc. has received indications of interest from investors surpassing $500,000 of its current Reg CF in less than a week. This significant milestone comes less than a week after the company's recent announcement that it had filed its updated Form C/A with the SEC. The Company intends on filing for a total of $5M in Reg CF funding in the future.

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This fundraising initiative aligns with Creatd, Inc.'s strategic vision to improve its balance sheet while reducing the operational costs of its portfolio. It underscores the company's dedication to appreciating its investor community and bolstering shareholder value.

Investors who participate in Vocal's Reg CF before 10/9/2023 are eligible for early investor bonuses, further amplifying the value of their investment.

Jeremy Frommer, Creatd's CEO, remarked, "Creatd's common stock feels poised to strengthen. The structure of the Reg CF financing is designed to validate the intrinsic value of Creatd's flagship product Vocal. At the same time, by reducing its reliance on dilutive financing, we expect to elevate the value of Vocal's parent company Creatd, Inc. ($VOCL). The stock should strengthen as the selling pressure previously driven by legacy fundraising structures in the public markets are no longer needed. This has the added benefit of eliminating the attraction for malicious entities, hedge funds, and market makers to add artificial pressure on the stock."

Continued Frommer, "Creatd, Inc., will embody its original vision: a publicly traded company using its equity to acquire accretive assets, enhancing its portfolio, which is anchored by its primary investment in Vocal. This overwhelming response to Vocal's Reg CF is more than just testament to our vision. It represents a new path for the small and microcap space. In the near future, public companies will likely divest portions of their subsidiaries, securing private funding, and validating that, in this economic phase, the value of individual components significantly surpasses the collective whole. This underscores the potential of small cap companies to thrive despite a deteriorating traditional capital markets framework."

Justin Maury, Vocal's CEO, expressed, "At Vocal, community is more than a word-it's our ethos. Our Reg CF initiative, allowing both our dedicated community and the wider public to invest directly in our platform, is a testament to this bond. This isn't just an investment; it's an invitation to share in our collective future success."

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Creatd, Inc. ($VOCL) functions as a publicly traded holding company, strategically anchored in the digital domain. At the heart of its business suite is its subsidiary Vocal, Inc. and its premier product, Vocal-a social media and publishing platform tailored to boost user engagement and monetization.

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