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01/25/2023 | News release | Distributed by Public on 01/25/2023 14:22

Submarine Group 7 Hosts Japanese Submarine Officers in Yokosuka

The 17 JMSDF officers are students of the JMSDF Intermediate Class Submarine Officer's Course at JMSDF's Submarine Training Center in Kure, Japan. The briefs and tour of CTF 74 stressed the importance of U.S.-Japan bilateral submarine force cooperation and provided insight as to the multiple career paths for submarine officers within the U.S. Navy.

"This was a great opportunity for the JMSDF junior officers to see firsthand the operations of CTF 74, and the important role they play within the U.S. 7th Fleet command structure," said Cmdr. KUBO Takayuki, JMSDF Liaison Officer to CTF 74. "I am fortunate to work alongside CTF 74 leadership every day, but for these students, it was important for them to come and get an understanding of submarine operations here in person."

Rear Adm. Rick Seif, commander, Submarine Group 7, provided a command brief to the students, describing the CSG 7 area of responsibility as well as the impact of the submarine force around the world.

Lt. Cmdr. Jasen Hicks, CTF 74 N5/N7 exercise safety officer, provided a brief on the required educational curriculum and differing career paths for U.S. Navy submarine officers.

"The U.S.-Japanese Alliance is as strong as ever, and Submarine Group 7 has always enjoyed a great relationship with our JMSDF submarine force Allies," said Hicks. "Having this group of students come visit and learn about the career path for U.S. submarine officers was a pleasure, and I am confident they will benefit from seeing how we operate here at CTF 74 and how closely our combined undersea forces work together."

With two classes of students undergoing studies each year, the JMSDF Intermediate Class Submarine Officer's Course is designed to cultivate professional submarine officers, with the goal of them continuing their careers and eventually becoming a commanding officer of a Japanese submarine.

The class that visited CTF 74 is scheduled to finish their curriculum next month. Upon graduation, the JMSDF officers will be assigned as a submarine department head.

Submarine Group 7 is responsible for coordinating a diverse fleet of submarines, surface ships and aircraft deployed to the Western Pacific and the Middle East; forward-deployed submarine tenders and fast-attack submarines homeported in Guam; Submarine Squadron 21 in Bahrain; five ocean surveillance ships when tasked for theater anti-submarine warfare operations, and two oceanographic survey vessels. Under CSG 7 are two task forces: CTF 74 and CTF 54, which provide theater anti-submarine warfare support from the Red Sea to the International Date Line.

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