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Update: Elkhart Hydroelectric Maintenance Project, May 9, 2024

This morning Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) began the process of raising the water level to its normal spring and summer operating level at the Elkhart Hydroelectric Plant. Contract crews finished installing an impermeable layer of material, called Aquablock and protecting it with a layer of stone between the dam and the boat barrier.

Here's what you need to know:

  • I&M's goal is to reach normal operating levels by Memorial Day. However, issues may arise which could change the timeframe.
  • I&M will increase water levels in 6-inch increments, wait 48 hours to determine if the water level is holding, and then raise levels again. The process will repeat until levels have been raised a total of 2 feet to summer pool.
  • It might be necessary during this process to drop water levels without warning. However, if this occurs they will not drop below winter pool levels.
  • I&M is cautioning affected customers who have not already put boats and other watercraft in the river to consider waiting until all operations have been completed.
  • Safety is I&M's top priority, and we will continue to monitor the dam and perform necessary maintenance to ensure the safety of the surrounding community.

"Everything is out and in the open. Folks can see what's happening at the hydro plant by walking or fishing nearby," said Gene Sirca, Hydro Dam Safety Engineer. "The safety of the public - upstream and downstream - is our first and foremost priority. We maintain the dam and rehabilitate the dam for the sake of the public."

The Elkhart Hydroelectric Plant and I&M's five other hydroelectric facilities are monitored 24/7 by our Generation Dispatch team. Our hydroelectric mechanics are also ready to respond at all hours, on weekends and holidays to ensure the facilities operate as intended.

If customers have a question or concern, I&M has a dedicated customer service team ready to assist. Please contact them at 260-408-3724 or email at [email protected].

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