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GMM Signs with Shandong Zhuangcheng Group to Develop Granite Deposits

GMM Signs with Shandong Zhuangcheng Group to Develop Granite Deposits

News/April 24, 2024

Press Release

Nouadhibou, April 24, 2024

The Société des Granites et Marbres de Mauritanie (GMM s.a.) is excited to announce that it signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese group, Shandong Zhuangcheng Group, on Wednesday, April 24, 2024. This strategic partnership aims to develop and exploit granite deposits and promises mutual economic benefits for both signing companies.
The partnership includes several key phases. Initially, the project will start with the exploitation of granite deposits. This first phase, lasting two years, will evaluate the viability and effectiveness of the operations. Following this, the Shandong Zhuangcheng Group will proceed to construct a modern processing plant in Nouadhibou. This facility will process the granite on-site, enhancing the value of the local product and creating job opportunities.
The agreement also establishes a cooperation for a minimum duration of 20 years, underscoring a long-term commitment between the two entities to the sustainable development of Mauritania's natural resources. This strategic alliance will bolster GMM's standing as a major player in the mining sector of the sub-region and will also aid in the economic development of the Wilayas of Dakhlet, Nouadhibou, and Adrar.
Both parties express their enthusiasm and commitment to working closely, ensuring adherence to high environmental standards and industry best practices. GMM and Shandong Zhuangcheng Group are confident that this partnership will yield significant benefits for the economies of their respective countries and local communities.

Shandong Zhuangcheng Group, located in Shidao, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, is a leader in China's stone industry. It specializes in mining, importing, processing, and selling building stones and also holds the rights to import and export products and technologies. The Chinese group currently operates 5 mines, 3 large-scale processing bases, and owns 6 industrial enterprises, producing 2.2 million square meters of plates annually.
The Société des Granites et Marbres de Mauritanie (GMM s.a.) is a key player in Mauritania's mining sector. Founded in 1998 and a subsidiary of the SNIM group, GMM specializes in the exploitation of ornamental stones, particularly granite. It handles the extraction, processing, and marketing of products such as granite blocks, slabs, and paving stones. The company, which has also invested in granite shaping and ballast production plants, operates several quarries and maintains a robust presence in the local market.