Marcy Kaptur

11/12/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/12/2023 21:23

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Washington, DC - Today, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-09), Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development and senior Member of the House Appropriations Subcommittees on Defense and Agriculture released the following statement on Speaker Mike Johnson's announced two part Continuing Resolution proposal:

"No reputable business would operate like this chaotic House Republican majority. Even in football, there are rules. 1st, this past Spring, the Republican team fumbled the ball, failing to agree on a Budget for the October 1 start of the 2024 Federal fiscal year. 2nd, as a result, the 12 Appropriations' bills that fund all the Federal Departments and agencies of the US Government and must conform its bottom line to the Budget total did not exist. The playbook to get the ball into the end zone didn't exist! The players just ran around in circles and House Committees could not score.

"But no Budget was passed. As the debt limit ceiling cliff loomed at the end of the Spring, the Majority Quarterback and team captain Speaker McCarthy threw a Hail Mary pass to avoid that economic calamity by negotiating with President Biden a debt limit delay that set a goal line for overall budget spending levels. Finally, a game-plan passed both the House and Senate by enormous, bipartisan margins. But that audible enraged a small, disgruntled huddle in McCarthy's Party. To placate the bench, Speaker McCarthy ordered the 12 Appropriations subcommittees to begin marking up hyper-partisan bills that cut spending below the bipartisan agreement's levels.

"But when it came to the funding deadline of October 1, Speaker McCarthy couldn't get his team to work together to move the ball down the field and he delayed the game for another month. Apparently enraged, McCarthy's own players then refused to play his game, and removed him from the Speakership. The House was thrown into chaos for nearly a month as a new captain -or Speaker -was elected.

"What we are witnessing is failed governance at the most fundamental level. Operating by fits and false starts, falling short of the chains month after month, missing deadlines, with the Majority entangled in endless factions and fights, leading to more chaos. Fumble after fumble after fumble.

"America can and must do better than this.

"As we approach this Thanksgiving Season, America needs more than political games. I say to the Majority, find the "Big Middle," so we can reach the end zone together and score a touchdown for the American people. Don't be led by extremist factions trying to divide us and delay the game. Let's get America's work done together. Don't fumble again and stall our economy while it is continuing to grow in a recovery following an awful pandemic. Small business formations are at an all time high-Companies are making money and people are working. The US debt as a percent of Gross Domestic Product is shrinking for the first time in modern history.

"Yes, we still have to reduce inflation more, curb health care costs, and make America energy independent here at home in perpetuity, and America is marching down the field to get all that done. Don't blunt our future by fumbling the ball again. We need to come together and drive toward the "Big Middle," so we can deliver a real win for the American people."

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