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Environment: European project to boost circularity in cities kicks off

Environment: European project to boost circularity in cities kicks off

26 October 2023 Last Updated: 26 October 2023

Creating a network of stakeholders in Italy and abroad to implement a circular economy in cities is the objective of the 2.2 million euro NiCE[1] European project, which comprises nine partners from eight EU countries, including ENEA for Italy. In the partner cities, Bologna in Italy, innovative urban approaches will be developed, focused on the creation of multifunctional resource centers and on the use of empty spaces for circular offers.

ENEA will contribute to implementing a pilot project in Bologna on the circular management of water resources, with the involvement of the municipal administration, Anci Emilia-Romagna and Green City Network. Through a participatory citizen science approach, citizens will be involved in a series of "Urban Living Lab" meetings, for the co-design and co-creation of "do-it-yourself" solutions for reusing and saving water from a circular perspective, both in homes and in urban green areas, such as in urban gardens. In addition, workshops and interactive events will be organized to inform about the project and disseminate results.

"For a long time, city centers were busy places where people met, bought and consumed. The pandemic led to drastic changes: growth of online commerce forced many shops to close, leaving abandoned spaces", explained Francesca Cappellaro, ENEA researcher in the Support to Coordination of Circular Economy Activities Section and contact person for the project. "The key words are 'reduce, reuse and recycle'. This applies to waste, but also to all the resources of our cities. In Bologna we will focus on water. The objective is to co-design solutions for a 'sponge' city that retains water during excessive rainfall and recovers it in times of water scarcity. We will organize workshops on how to build homemade rainwater collection tanks or to cultivate green micro-areas to revitalize urban areas together with citizens", concluded Cappellaro.

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Francesca Cappellaro, ENEA - Support to Coordination of Circular Economy Activities, Sustainability of Productive and Territorial Systems Department, ////


[1] From Niche to Centre - City centres as places of circular lifestyles