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12/09/2022 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/09/2022 06:31

Helping those who selflessly help us

For the ninth year in a row, Zavarovalnica Triglav is supporting preventive projects nationwide through its traditional New Year's campaign, 'For a Better Tomorrow'. This year, the Nova Gorica Regional Unit came to the aid of the civil protection forces of the Renče-Vogrsko and Miren-Kostanjevica municipalities. New communication equipment and a new generator for a field tent will enhance the readiness of civil protection forces in ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of these municipalities, which are at risk from fire and floods.

"We want to be closely connected to local communities and the organisations embedded in those communities, and help them fulfil their mission. Civil protection forces play an essential role in protecting our lives, homes and the natural environment. We have experienced this many times in the past, and the memory of their help fighting the severe fires in the Karst region this summer remains fresh in our memory. In order to fulfil their mission to the best of their abilities, civil protection forces require more than just dedication; they also need the right equipment, which is why we have come to their aid in this New Year's preventive campaign," said Tina Žgavc, Director of the Nova Gorica Regional Unit of Zavarovalnica Triglav.

The civil protection forces of the Municipality of Renče-Vogrsko will be able to purchase and upgrade communication equipment that will facilitate improved and more reliable communication between individual members of the civil protection forces and other technical and rescue services in the field. Their coordinated action is crucial in the event of natural disasters.

"Civil protection forces strive to protect people and property in the event of natural and other disasters. Technical support for all other rescue units in the field is also important. Reliable ultra-high frequency communication stations serve as the basis for well-organised rescue operations," emphasised Milivoj Perkon, Commander of the Civil Protection Forces of the Municipality of Renče-Vogrsko.

In the past, members of the Civil Protection Forces of the aforementioned municipality participated in various rescue operations. These include the provision of extensive logistical support to firefighters battling fires in the Karst region and leading the creation of firebreaks to slow those fires. They also organised an "Outdoor Survival" camp for pupils from the Renče Primary School.

Ready for extreme conditions
The purchase of a generator for a field tent will improve the readiness of the Civil Protection Forces of the Municipality of Miren-Kostanjevica for the rescue of people in the event of extreme weather conditions and fires. Civil protection forces have endured a difficult period, which started with the coronavirus. "During that time, we were assigned demanding tasks, ranging from border protection, the collection and delivery of food to the needy, the delivery and connection of computers for schoolchildren while they were home-schooled, and assistance for testing centres," said Dean Bizjak, Commander of the Civil Protection Forces of the Municipality of Miren-Kostanjevica. This year's fires in the Karst region were also a major logistical and staffing challenge for civil protection forces.

"For a Better Tomorrow" campaign now in its ninth year
Zavarovalnica Triglav has been organising its "For a Better Tomorrow" New Year's preventive campaign for nine consecutive years. As this year comes to an end, the company will support 26 preventive projects across Slovenia, bringing the total to 230 in the past nine years. The company helps various organisations purchase defibrillators, ultrasound and ECG devices, and other vitally needed medical instruments. It also supports fire brigades and associations nationwide, as well as several other projects related to health, public education, civil protection, and flood and traffic safety.

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