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Spotlight: Consumer Packaging North America - Bill Norman

Spotlight: Consumer Packaging North America - Bill Norman

October 03, 2023

As a father of seven kids, I am not pondering worldly events too often. I am a practical guy, and seeing trash at our public parks, schools, and businesses drives me crazy. I don't live in a mess, and I certainly don't like showing up to a messy parking lot! Cleaning up our environment through #MoreRecycling helps keep what is often considered "waste" in use and out of our communities.

And I am proud of the work Berry Global, Inc. is doing to improve recyclability and eliminate unnecessary waste through the efficient use and reuse of resources. To help customers meet the growing #sustainability demands of today and tomorrow, our company set an ambitious goal of using 30% circular plastics in our fast-moving consumer goods packaging by 2030.

As our industry moves away from a "take-make-waste" approach toward a cradle-to-cradle, #circulareconomy, delivering on these types of critical goals is fundamentally changing the packaging sector. And we all know true change can only occur through commitment and collaboration across the entire value chain. Among other priorities, Berry's Consumer Packaging Division is focused on securing enough recycled content to deliver on our circularity goals and seeking out like-minded customers willing to be first movers, innovate, and help scale sustainable packaging solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve circularity, and cut costs.

One example that comes to mind is our work transitioning The Wendy's Company from paper to widely recyclable drinks cups made with 20% ISCC-certified, recycled plastic (on a mass balance basis). Not only will this collaborative effort divert an estimated 10M pounds of waste from landfills over the first two years, it's also work both of our teams are tremendously proud of. So much so that Berry received Wendy's 2022 "Partner of the Year" award, including the generous delivery of Frosty Treats to team members across our North American facilities.

Working across the value chain to drive #MoreRecycling is my More, what's yours? Please join us as we work across Berry and with our customers and partners to #BMoreTogether.