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Telkom 56 Years Commitment to Realize I

Telkom 56 Years Commitment to Realize Indonesia's Digital Sovereignty
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Jakarta, 6 July 2021 -Indonesia's digital transformation process should proceed by continuing to uphold national sovereignty. Without upholding the country's sovereignty, the digitalization in Indonesia will only leave the Indonesian people as consumers of other countries' digital services and products.

By keeping sovereignty as the foundation of the digital transformation process, it would be possible that in the future people can have digital sovereignty in their cyberspace activities. Digital sovereignty is a complete control over all digital products, content and services that are present in a country.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) expressed the urgency to uphold digital sovereignty at the end of February 2021. 'Digital sovereignty and independence should serve as the important principles in our digital transformation. We must ensure that digital transformation does not only benefit outsiders. We should not just keep importing .This is what I always emphasize,' President Jokowi said at the launch of the 2021 Digital Connectivity Program and the COVID-19 National Vaccination Movement Series Stamps on 26 February.

As Indonesia's leading digital telecommunications company, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) views that there are three areas to develop for Indonesia's digital sovereignty, namely creating a digital environment, developing a digital society, and accelerating the digital economy ecosystem.

Digital environment is developing evenly-distributed telecommunication infrastructure and services across the archipelago, to enable people accessing the internet and to use digital technology without gaps. The telecommunication infrastructure and services have to be home-grown. To support creating a digital environment, Telkom provides various telecommunication infrastructures, from broadband backbones that utilize optical and satellite cables, to fixed and mobile access networks as well as Mangoesky VSAT that reaches the frontier, remote and less developed regions.

A digital society means producing and having digital talents prepared to move and contribute in various economic sectors and aspects of life. Developing human resources prepared to go digital is possible by providing various products and services to support the increase in people's digital capacity. In addition to building ready-to-work digital talents, Telkom also develops a variety of digital services and applications as solutions for the people's needs notably during the pandemic. These services include Pijar (education), PeduliLindungi (health), Maxstream (video streaming), Gameqoo and Dunia Games (games) and others.

Finally, having a digital economy ecosystem means optimizing services and products that help to improve the people's economy. This optimization will accelerate Indonesia in becoming a major power in the regional and global digital economy. Telkom presented several solutions to stimulate the national digital economy, including PaDi UMKM (MSMEs), Agree (agriculture and fisheries), Logee (Logistics), BigBox (One Data Indonesia), and many other digital services.

So far, Telkom has relied on the company's three working domains to create an environment, society, and digital economy in Indonesia. The three domains are digital connectivity, digital platform, and digital services. With digital connectivity services and products, Telkom offers a number of major infrastructures to support the people's digital needs. Telkom's contribution to the digital platform domain is apparent by the high number of operations and data centers construction, and many smart platforms that Telkom provides to meet various community needs. In the digital service domain, Telkom is present by providing various digital services in a selective manner. Telkom carried out its digital services development and provision through acquisitions or partnerships.

Telkom President Director, Ririek Adriansyah said, 'Telkom continues to contribute in the three domains to accelerate the formation of Indonesia's digital environment, society, and economy ecosystem. We are ready to forge partnerships with digital champions, tech giants, and global players to obtain synergy value that could accelerate TelkomGroup's digital platform and digital services business development. Through these three business focuses and ongoing investments, hopefully Telkom can be the backbone of the nation's digital transformation and participate in realizing Indonesia's digital sovereignty.'

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