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06/11/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/11/2021 10:20

McDaniel: The RNC Is Investing In Communities That Previously Voted Democrat

Chairwoman McDaniel: The RNC Is Investing In Communities That Have Previously Voted Democrat

PERINO: What have been your efforts to try to capture some more of that minority vote?
CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: This has been a passion point of mine since I have been RNC Chair, which is we have to start investing long-term in communities that have habitually been Democrats and say: Democrats take your vote for granted. And here we are as the Republican Party starting a conversation, being part of your community, and interacting. And what we have seen is huge growth with the Latino community, with the Black community, with the Asian community because finally, the Republican Party is showing up. We are already opening these offices this year ahead of the 2022 election.
PERINO: And so, are you starting to see some results?
CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: Absolutely. And we are seeing it not just with voters, but with the diversity in the members of Congress. Look at Young Kim and Michelle Steel, the first two Korean-American women to serve in Congress. They are Republican. Carols Giménez, Maria Elvira Salazar coming from Miami. That's because we had two Spanish-only speaking offices in Broward County in Miami. This is a correlation of an outreach effort from the Republican Party that has been long-term and sustained for five years now.
PERINO: Do you think that the Democrats are raising these alarms because they recognize that they've got a real problem?
CHAIRWOMAN MCDANIEL: They do. And the other thing, Dana, you look at Texas just this past week in McAllen and Fort Worth, Hispanic areas that went Republican in their mayors' races. What we are seeing from immigrant communities is they say we love this country, we came here to achieve the American dream. We worked hard, we did it. Do not tell us that is a racist country. It is the greatest nation on Earth. And that's what I hear all across the country as I speak to communities that haven't traditionally been Republican but are now shifting to our party. We didn't brand the Democrats radicals. They did that all on themselves.

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