Universität Konstanz

12/03/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/03/2023 09:13

Due to high snow burden: closure of the top floors in buildings C/D/E

The snowfall of the past few days has resulted in a high snow burden on the roofs of buildings C, D and E. Measurements with a permanently installed scale on the roofs revealed that the specified snow weight limit was exceeded. As a safety measure, the top floor of each of these three buildings has therefore been closed until further notice. This concerns all rooms on levels C4, D4 and E4 under the red roofs (including all seminar rooms).

  • The seminar room levels C4/D4/E4 (southern areas of buildings C/D/E under the red metal roofs) may not be entered at present.
  • The departments affected are requested to contact their students and teaching staff and discuss alternative teaching options for the period of the closure.

The further development of the snow burden will be closely monitored. We will contact you as to when the rooms may be re-entered.

The closure is a preventive safety measure. We kindly ask for your understanding.

An overview of the buildings concerned can be found in this map.

Contact: Facility Management, [email protected]