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Commissary CLICK2GO reaches $100M in sales

Commissary CLICK2GO reaches $100M in sales

By DeCA Corporate Communications

February 23, 2024

FORT GREGG-ADAMS, Va. - Commissary CLICK2GO, the Defense Commissary Agency's (DeCA) online shopping and curbside pickup service, reached $100 million in sales on Feb. 16.

"This is a significant milestone for us because it shows the improvements that we've made to our online shopping experience, and that we are providing a strong benefit that our military community is using," said Dr. Theon Danet, DeCA's executive director of the IT Group and chief information officer. "We're excited about the future of Commissary CLICK2GO and how we can add even more value for commissary patrons."

The $100 million in sales was generated through 686,185 completed Commissary CLICK2GO orders since the service launched in May 2021. Basket sizes for those orders averaged around $125.

"Commissary CLICK2GO gives our customers the best of both worlds," Danet said. "It allows them to place their orders online and save the time they would normally spend shopping in stores. Also, curbside pickup enables them to collect their orders at their convenience by choosing a time slot that works best for them."

Using Commissary CLICK2GO, or CC2G, also provides additional benefits:

  • Patrons have better control of their budget because it's easier to see how grocery costs are adding up and make adjustments if they are exceeding their grocery budget. It can also help to prevent impulse purchases.
  • Shoppers can make their preferences known with detailed notes and comments for individual items.
  • Patrons have access to other savings resources through the website, such as viewing their local commissary sales flyer and product promotions, clipping digital coupons and learning about commissary store brands.
  • CC2G offers cooking resources, such as recipes and dietitian-approved meal solutions, as well as product information like ingredients and nutritional facts for each product.

Marketing and outreach to commissary customers were vital to reaching the $100 million mark, according to Danet. In addition, the expansion of item availability at every commissary and the expansion of order windows contributed to more sales. Enhancements in the areas of information technology, payment processing, management and support were also key to the program's efforts.

Patrons can access CC2G by logging into their shop.commissaries account from their computer or mobile device. The CC2G app is available for free download through Google's Play or Apple's App stores.

As DeCA looks to increase the benefits of the program for service members and their families, the agency is actively exploring how to add doorstep delivery to homes and onsite support to military units.